Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Mercury Retrograde in Aries ~ Spring 11

Mercury now conjunct dynamic Mars at home in fiery ARies; Mars woule normally be heading breakneck speed were it not opposition weighty Saturn. Thankfully Mercury doesn't perfect an oppostion to Saturn, even when it goes forward on Saturn's day (Saturday 23rd April).
The Buddha said “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”

This quote is good to bear in mind as MERCURY is RETROGRADE in fiery ARIES from Wednesday 30th March until 23rd April '11. You know the drill: double check travel plans, re-read contracts, and forgive everyone if they're late, have ignored you, or misunderstood the situation. In Aries, Mercury can be a domineering hothead: not necessarily the most patient of combinations, yet that's exactly what we need to practice: PATIENCE. Mercury's current message is to watch one's own mind to stop it flaring up, to temper rage and anger. So don't play with fire ~> unless, of course, you're a dragon, and even then one could get singed around the edges! ;)

Fire also represents knowledge as well as intuition; now is an optimum time to develop faith in the way our deeper wisdom works.

In esoteric astrology Mercury is ruled by Aries, inspiring thoughts of 'self' in relation to training the mind; how we think, what we think about and, ultimately, how we express those ideas and thoughts can reveal the mind of the selfless Spiritual Warrior.
Healing Brother, Heavenly Messenger, Friendly Neighbour, and a trickster for the mind, Mercury will tease and tantalise our mental factors, as he/she receives, assimilates, and transmits all kinds of information ¸.•*❤*•☆☆

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