Sunday, 28 March 2010

The Free Heart ~ A Consciousness of Others ~ Full Libra Moon 2010

Full Moon on the Rise ~ Let the love-light shine!

"We keep looking outside for the light when we should now become the light". Tsem Tulku Rinpoche

The growing light of the Aries Sun radiates in fiery exaltation, mirroring our own internal light that swells in luminosity through positive focus, meditation, and intent. Opposite the Full Moon in relationship orientated Libra on March 30 at 3:25 BST, a brilliant Sun in Aries encourages braver moves with passion, verve and originality; the Libra Moon reflects a smartly cooler sophisticated emotional reaction to such Aries dynamism. This lively Sun-Moon alignment can create a fair-minded outlook, enabling us to move ahead with confidence, steadfast in self-acceptance, with the ability to make sure everyone’s emotional needs are met.

Aries -Libra is the Zodiac’s ‘me-we’ axis: Circumstances around this full moon present an opportunity to look at our self in relation to other people. Now there is the potential to expose the less desirable workings of a self-cherishing mind, and see the importance of helpful and loving allies. When assessing how we work with others, we must ask ourselves what exactly do we bring and what do we give to our family, friends and relationships. Which associations are helpful, for all concerned - and how will they go forward and benefit others?

Bear in mind that in the midst of these seemingly hard questions, karmic Saturn, the cosmic task master, will accompany the Full Moon. Others may hold up a mirror to reveal issues of loneliness versus being alone, neediness versus being self-reliant, fears versus love. This intensity of feeling is to help define our limits in relationship and out, which may be more apparent as the Moon approaches culmination; some may find it difficult to express how they feel, wanting to switch off the ‘emotional button’ entirely, making it difficult for other’s to connect. Yet there is an easing of pressure as the soon as la Luna is full. Still, a self-serving mind could easily feel the strain. Patience is called for; watch out for selfish tendency. Quickly nip in the bud any overwhelming sense of me, myself, mine, to alleviate self-inflicted karma, either by hurting someone else or suffering a damaged ego. Switch attention to helping others. This is the way to a healthy ego, feeling good and valuing ourselves.

In Buddhism we say if someone really gets to you, by making you angry for instance, then that person is a treasure, as they reveal a part of ourselves that needs to be worked on. But the real secret to dealing with destructive emotion is to be relaxed about who we are, which is naturally kind and good.

As this Full Moon spotlights a balanced ‘self’, if you don’t like what you see the Aries Sun imbibes the courage to change it. Several planets (Sun Moon Saturn & Pluto) now support a radical shift, enabling the alchemical transformation of negative imprints which may have been subtly or not so subtly reinforced for years (lifetimes possibly), making it less painful to let go of unhelpful thoughts and desires, so we are content in our skin “etre dans la peau”, as the French say, comfortable going deeper, becoming clearer, finding happiness at heart. With such ease of being, it’s then easier assist, and to be there for others.

And if you are still wondering 'What about Me'... watch this:

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