Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Path of a Mindful Heart ~ 1st Full Moon Dec 09

Would you travel to the ends of the earth in pursuit of blissful love?
Of course you would. You may think that a ridiculous question; but would you undertake the journey to the centre of the heart if it involved risk and possible danger? Hm, perhaps not so many hands go up. Therein a fundamental human problem lies; when we seek pleasure and gratification outside of ourselves, happiness often eludes and we end up suffering. Because the Sun is now in arrow-shooting, wisdom-inducing Sagittarius, it might be easier to pierce through delusion, and take on board the reality that the beauty of love actually radiates from within. All too easily we can ignore such a basic truth and search for solace from something or someone else: going for a new relationship, new restaurant, car, or job promotion we think will validate our need to be cherished – albeit temporarily.

From the onset of looking beyond our own heart-mind for the love and affection, passion or adoration we seek, we instantly set ourselves up for hacking through tough terrain. So often we meet resistance, or have to change tack too much, too fast – then if things don’t go our way we feel too timid, with a perceived lack of physical, mental or spiritual strength. Sometimes we confuse unquenchable desire with the human hunger for experience and the need to achieve, create and explore; even becoming resentful of those who dare go beyond ordinary confines – then we inadvertently protect and pretend to be content within our small lives – and continue to seethe inside from frustration, anger or resentment – but detached from our true loving nature.

Yet now is an excellent time to discover our glowing inner-essence and actively raise bodhicitta: Dynamic Mars is in fiery brave Leo, roaring as loud as it can to encourage us to become spiritual warriors, who know that to project obsession is not the path of heart, for that is the way of the power-hungry ego whose puffed-up sense of self is burdened by an attachment to a preferred outcome – sometimes holding on so tightly to an idea of ‘what could be’ that we encounter that most serious hazard: the danger of destroying the very thing we wish for. Yet the journey to fulfilment is only perilous should we fail to rest assured in the safety of our own most precious beating heart - a generous heart that generates love and compassion, and commits random acts of kindness.

I mention all this now as Wednesday’s upcoming Full Gemini Moon encourages us to keep the faith and watch the way our mind wanders. The planets now want us to think BIG and be open to opportunities which allow situations to develop with trusting, honest and caring communication. Electrical Uranus, group orientated symbol of sudden change which often brings mindful awareness is also now going direct after five months retrograde - just in time for the Climate Change meeting in Copenhagen, which begins during a closing phase of the moon and ends with a new moon phase, suggesting modern measures will be put into place. Just how far we go in protecting the environment or necessary job creation, using available sustainable energies, will depend upon how visionary and willing to come from the healing heart those in authority are. There is hope here (believe it or not) to do the right thing: Challenging centralizing change, our life-giving force, the Sun, is in square to the ongoing Saturn Uranus opposition, as Uranus goes forward. This Saturn Uranus transit is one of our times’ most important, spanning almost two years; thirteen months in with another eight to go. So we are coming the end of the middle phase (April is next and July the last); Saturn is now also exalted in Libra, promoting fairness in the midst of chaos. The Uranian altruistic and high vibration suggests personal responsibility towards others verses group awareness; finding strength with others’ of like mind can advance the global spirit towards peaceful unity.

There is a sense that if things don’t work out the way we planned, it can be with joyful Sagittarian enthusiasm we can at least be philosophical and, with breadth of vision, see what we personally need to learn in the process of becoming and being the best that we can, collectively as well as personally. The Blue Moon on New Year’s Eve can reveal that love conquers all.


Noir LeBlanc said...

This blog is AMAZING. I'm engrossed in reading it. Thank you for putting in the time to bring this to the world. People are watching the heavens and the star, Laura Boomer-Trent!

Zodiac Heaven said...

Aw, shucks, Noir, thanks, beautiful one X Glad you are getting something from this xxx

Noesjka said...

Keep all this info coming my way sister. I love it and learn something each time.

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