Saturday, 31 October 2009

Buddha's Descent from the 33 ~ Taurus Full Moon 09

The heart of the Sun is likened to the spiritual human heart which, when positively galvanized, has the ability to radiate cheerful enthusiasm to control and direct deeply profound emotions, such as craving or aversion. This is worth bearing in mind as the Sun now passes though compelling and magnetic Scorpio, when passion is as easily aroused, as is our ability to be resolutely concentrated (dharana) and focused (dhyana). This finely tuned and sometimes hidden ability to shine a light upon our negative state - or even a positive meditative objective – is acute as we approach the Samhain full Moon in Taurus, on November the 2nd, also known as all Soul’s Day.

While the solar Gregorian calendar dictates October 31st as Halloween, the cross-quarter point is on November 7th. During this time of year the veil between worlds, underworld and overworld, consciousness and subconscious, is thin – allowing us to delve into previously hidden parts of our psyche as well as rise to the other extreme: ecstatic peaks. At such times we also need to enhance sensitivity and take care, as desire nature can also run amok to captivate the mind and obsess about all kinds of yearnings. Any emotional attachment to our perceived requirements could render one doubly responsive at this time. Insightful Scorpio works in mysterious ways, ultimately pointing to the path of transformation and the power to alchemically change destructive emotional longing into generating an aspiration towards compassionate love, ‘bodhicitta’ in Buddhism. Doing so orientates towards the spiritual heart of every individual, our true Buddha nature.

This Full Moon on Monday (19:14 GMT 14:19 ET) commemorates Buddha’s agreement to the Deva’s request to descend from the Heavenly Realms of the 33, the Trayatrisma (where he had repaid kindness by teaching his mother), and return to Earth to continue teaching the dharma. In a week’s time, at the last quarter moon on November 9th, we celebrate the actual descent as being one of the four most important days in the Buddhist calendar. This ability to move between spheres is not currently confined to the Buddha. The Spirit of the Sun is also currently up-close and personal with communicative Mercury who, in Scorpio, acts as mediating psychopomp between the seen and unseen, urging us to be attentive to our thoughts while we shift between our levels of consciousness, so that we can recognise any gems we might discover.

The Sun and Mercury also conjunct asteroid Ceres, now enjoying elevated status since being promoted by astronomers to have a greater rank in the solar system. Symbolically, Ceres is the Great Earth Mother, a resonance of Tibetan Green Tara, caring for all as if we are her own. Ceres in Scorpio encourages us to connect to others through sharing special moments. The enchanting touch of Ceres makes everyone feel loved and nurtured. Whispering sweet nothings into loved ones ears; friendly gestures in familial or social settings, a tender caress as a story is shared over dinner; or through massage and a blissful sexual union with the one we are intimately connected is a welcome kind of therapeutic togetherness, bringing joy, camaraderie and renewed strength for Halloween ~Samhain and to rejoice Buddha’s Decent next week. At this intermediary fire festival, flames blaze along the leylines conveying the message of light, warmth and love, from heart to heart. Fire can also glow from within, as Tantric Kandal.

As autumn leaves fall, Scorpio is also a time of cutting back that which impedes renewed growth later on. So too, is it our time to let go of outworn modus operandi. If you have anything to offer to the light of love (hopes, dreams and ambition or fears, doubts and worries about relationship, money, career, the future) write it down clearly and hold your intent to transmute or let go when sacrificing it into the fire. On a more mundane note, while Mercury is with the Sun in Scorpio, we can harness the ability to focus more easily and access the penetrating qualities of the mind. Puzzles may now be solved and secrets unearthed. It is also an optimum time to assess how shared assets and potential legacies are maturing.

From an esoteric view Mercury, with the Sun in Scorpio, activates the laser-like psychic perception that zaps straight to the magical heart of any matter, including quick easy access to the Spiritual Sun. And because a fixed cross accompanies this Full Moon, (with the triple Aquarian conjunction and Mars in Leo) the potential is for heart, throat and anja centres to act as portals for Divine luminescence. Shine on, Beloved Ones, Shine on… Special thanks to Karim Rashid for visionary art


Anonymous said...

The above info is very interesting. What do you see in the year ahead for someone born in Copenhagen on April 24, 1943... so far my life has been very multifaceted and a crash course of problem solving in all directions! Same stuff up ahead perhaps.? If so, how can I best apply my spiritual, physical, emotional, social, etc. energies´? What's ahead personally and professionally... locally or internationally.. ? Any medical problems I have to solve? THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

Hello Laura Moonboomer T,
Thanks for the lovely and interesting post, very informative and also feels very relevent...It's a beautifully vibrant moon this eve....I can feel it in my heart.....which incidently is in its own transformative healing process in this now....... I would just like to wish blessings and blissings to your divine being......may the light of your clear mind and benevolent heart become the light of vibrant health in every cell of your physical body.....may you travel deeper and deeper into the blissful emptiness that wonderfully is...... and may you bathe in the radiant rippling of the milk of mother moon, for we are all as much a part of her as she is us...
Love and moonbeams
Janie O

Anonymous said...

So interesting Laura (as always) and particularly relevant to me at this time... Cutting back in order to allow future growth, VERY difficult sometimes but a necessity. Trying to dig up some inner strength!!!

I hope you're fully recovered from the flu lovely lady. Love & light to you and yours.

Jo xxxx

Christopher Deakin said...

These images, prints and icons etc are amasing. The insights are also inpoint accuraccy. Please continue.

Zodiac Heaven said...

MH, please send me an email... so many questions!

Janie, Jo & Chris, thanks so much for the love, blessings and support - most appreciated!