Sunday, 11 October 2009

Saturn's new ring expands our own circle of influence

In retrospect it’s been an extraordinary start to autumn. But when any planet opposes the awakener, Uranus, we should always expect the unexpected! Uranus invokes an intense kind of awareness that comes from out of the blue; so it was with surprise and delight that during this current Saturn-Uranus opposition we suddenly advanced our knowledge of how the solar system works - and hence, from the astrologer’s point of view (because all of creation is interdependent) we now also have a greater understanding of what makes us tick.

Only a few days ago we discovered that Saturn, planet of responsibility and discipline, boundaries and recognition, has a previously undetected 3 million mile wide ring around it. From the metaphysical perspective this signals an extension of our own boundaries, to start being responsible, specifically for others outside our immediate circle. Astronomers needed hi-tech infrared cameras to view this absolutely massive ring. This also suggests we need new and different tools, especially for effort and work to be recognised, so that everyone can benefit from the altruistic intention. Saturn is currently in the last degrees of Virgo, symbol of body-consciousness, intelligence, and order. Tools that will work, to quote Dr Deepak Chopra, to ‘Train the Mind and Heal the Body’ are now called for; tools which are essential for personal, intellectual and spiritual expansion, such as analytical meditation or yoga, that stretch both mind and body. Virgo also governs the intestines, and is associated with our daily routine; so the importance of eating well, sleeping well, exercising well, and generally looking after oneself becomes mega significant to move into this new phase of human evolution. One of the easiest ways to maximize productivity is through time management. Time is Saturn’s speciality. Over these next few weeks it will be helpful to note which hours in the day are easier to work or play, eat or sleep - to be aware of peak performance; then aim to utilise and increase efficiency. Interestingly, in beautiful cosmic synchronicity, on the very same day of the astronomical discover another ring was announced, this time on solid Earth, at Stonehenge; Saturn, as ‘Time Lord’ rules stone and all things old and institutionalised.

Soon Saturn will change signs. On the 30th of October (just in time for Halloween!) the celestial representative of karmic consequence moves into its’ rulership, Libra, the sign of partnership, justice and fairness, beauty and the scales. This shifts the responsibility from not only being sensible about one’s own mind, body and spirit, but to being accountable for others’ well-being too. Be prepared: the next two years the emphasis will be upon creating honourable and loving associations. The message is clear: If you want to be loved, be the person you would like to love.

We’ve also seen Obama instil the concept of peace into the heart of the World. On the same day the Moon was ‘bombed’, nominally in search for water. The two events might not initially seem linked, yet the moon reveals beautiful astrological associations: the Moon rules water, the tides and our emotions, is ruled by the zodiac sign Cancer, Cancer is the sign of America, Obama’s Venus (symbol of value) is in Cancer; and on the day of his Peace Award, the transiting Moon conjunct his Venus. What goes around comes around! The bombing, for some, might also be seen as wounding of La Luna and thus the feminine. Remain resilient and calm: Untold female strength is yet to be revealed. Womanly charms are about to be given control, as influential Saturn moves into cool and charismatic Libra, precursor of peace and love.

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