Tuesday, 22 March 2016

peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse ~ March 23rd 2016

A peace & LOVE Full Libra Moon lunar eclipse is on Wednesday, exactly at midday GMT (-5 Est; + 5 ½ Delhi) and is visible in India, Australasia & the Americas. Aligning the ‘me-we’ axis at 4 degrees Aries~Libra, Sun, Moon and Earth, now highlight how we interact with others is a mirror of the way we relate to ‘self’. In other words the vibration we exude is what we tend attract into our lives, especially when it comes to relationship. Living in love grows more love; while anger or hate only manifests more hate and further negative emotion, such as blame, doubt, confusion; all of which makes relating even to one’s true self even more difficult, obscuring the essential kind and loving Buddha nature we are all born with. This eclipse urges one to live in love in regard others, without looking for ego validation.

There is no doubt this is a difficult eclipse period. And now the fiery Sun is exalted in Aries, where it exudes bravery, passion and ardour; it is also in good aspect to Mars (Mars rules Aries). Situations and emotions that surround this particular lunar eclipse may well resurface early May (and around the 22nd) and again mid-August, due to Mars (and Saturn) going retrograde April 17th for almost two months. Mars retrograde in Sagittarius accents the need to reassess the bigger picture unfolding now; specifically concerning alliances and investments made mid-February.

Spectacularly, home planet Mother Earth experiences more auroras during an equal-day, equal-night equinox period, as solar winds generate beautiful displays of light at the poles: an indication that when we are aligned and balanced, in harmony with our world, we also shine more easily. This Libra Moon helps one to appreciate the beauty in relationship, and remember that LOVE conquers all, as well as to aim for peaceful resolution of conflict.

& HAPPY HOLI everyone ~> colour me ℒℴѵℯ!

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