Monday, 17 November 2014

Dakini Day ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_ॐ_/♥\_ Nov17th 2014

☼ ✶☽ The purifying and healing power of this lunar cycle's Balsamic Virgo moon is phenomenally strong, as Lunar Dakini provides the Divine feminine's much- needed therapeutic touch in degenerate times.  With dedicated care and organization, negativity can now be banished into the void from whence it came.

✶ Among four celestial bodies in Scorpio (including asteroid Pallas Athena, strategic female policy maker) the fixed Scorpio Sun conjuncts Karmic Saturn. Lessons we learn from authoritative Saturn are always serious and important; in Scorpio, the issues tend to be emotionally charged and intense. And when the Sun meets Saturn light is shed upon profound and sometimes dark and difficult subjects, such as death and inheritance, letting-go and renewal. Marking boundaries and being more disciplined and responsible may help to operate easily within a framework that transforms challenging circumstance into stabilized, workable situations.  Good time to get real and tidy-up one's act.

Be ready for the New Moon at 0Sag on the 22nd, which brings enthusiasm, hope and truth to the fore…. ~~>

Happy Dakini Day! _/\_
Dedicating all love & compassion to whomever and wherever needs it... With thanks to unknown artist for Dakini &Raven

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