Thursday, 17 July 2014

❤ ☼ Radiate a Courageous Loving Heart ☼ ❤ ~> Jupiter in Leo

Majestic Jupiter in Leo ~> July 16th 2014 – August 11th 2015

Roll out the red carpet! Sound the fanfare! Ta-dah! For today magnificent Jupiter changes signs. Leaving Cancer, where for the past year the Cosmic Gurus’ influence has been upon stabilizing support, expansive Jupiter now moves into regal Leo to develop artfulness, determination and courage. Interestingly, there's also mutual reception between the Sun and Jupiter at this time of ingress: The Sun rules Leo, but is now in Cancer, the sign of Jupiter’s exaltation, and Jupiter is now in the sign ruled by the Sun, meaning the heavens are in accord when acclaiming the powerful star-like potency of the creative Spirit.

The Sun radiates LoveLight from the heart of our solar system; and Jupiter is the great beneficent. In the sign of the brave Lion, Jupiter in Leo enhances bravery and determination, as well as the ability to open the heart to creative expression, generous romance, and majestic, playful drama. Having Jupiter in this warm and fiery sign for a whole year can encourage us to cultivate personal happiness with a tenderness that comes from the heart, so that one can be unconditionally true oneself; the downside of which can be self-seeking ego indulgence.

The Lion in Tibetan symbolism represents ‘perkiness’, which has vibrancy and the capacity to generate youthful enthusiasm, by maintaining discipline and confidence. The Buddha is often referred to as being a ‘lion among men’ meaning his might, speed and courage are outstanding. Indeed, Buddha’s teachings include ‘the lion’s roar’, expounding heroic fearlessness in any situation by remaining in the non-egotistical self-existing centre that enables resolution and transformation when being clear and precise, kind and loving.

With ℒℴѵℯ_/\_ and thanks to unknown artist for Lion Vajra

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