Monday, 7 July 2014

▼ Grand Water Trine ▼ ~> July 2014 _/▼\_

With three planets stabilizing and healing emotions, Sun, Moon/Saturn & Chiron form a 'Grand Water Trine' to accompany this Cancerian lunation’s Guru Rinpoche day, accenting deep feelings and psychic connections. Due to the sensitive Moon conjunct karmic Saturn, one might feel less like being in the flow, more like being ‘earthed’ or even stuck in mud. Whatever we now intuitively sense is forming, stabilizing, or even holding us back, be it career, family, or sangha, or just a sensation of being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of suffering one sees around so that one is propelled to do something about it, this particular ‘Grand Trine’ encourages us to steady-up, slow-down and pace oneself to tune into the unspoken rhythm of life, at least until the Full Capricorn SuperMoon, and possibly even until Saturn goes forward July 21st. Now is the time to take stock of precisely what we feel we are responsible for. Note, however, that any cause for concern – private, personal or professional – can be quietly overcome with dedicated diligence and practical application, as today’s Scorpio Moon conjuncts karmic Saturn. And as taskmaster Saturn rules the upcoming Full Moon, 12th/13th July, which is also Guru Purnima, the 'Teacher Moon' get ready for an upcoming initiation into conscious participation with a ‘higher’ world view.

Though this is the time for revering teachers, being recognized for any committed achievement may actually have to come from within. So if there is anything you feel is well done, give yourself the proverbial pat on the back today, and use this sense of accomplishment to create optimism for the future. _/\_

With ℒℴѵℯ_/✿\_ many thanks to Dan Goleman for his beautiful spiritual Grand Water Trine artwork. _/\_

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