Sunday, 6 July 2014

Medicine Buddha ~> 4-5-6th July & HHDL's birthday!

First quarter Medicine Buddha/Tara Moon in Libra: Now is the time to listen to the heart and find happiness and harmony within the core of the family – be it global family or kith and friendly kindred spirits – and prepare for the Full SuperMoon in a week's time, July 12th, when there’s a sense of destiny at work within certain, loving relationships. _/\_
This particular Moon cycle also carries the dynamic ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, activating deeply felt spiritual awareness in relation to one’s individual souls' journey; and how we connect with others makes all the difference to our own wellbeing. The personal blessings from developing the Libran impartial kindness and Cancerian care towards all we meet have the potential to now produce a profound karmic healing, and pacify or even heal heart and mind, body and soul. 

And if you are lucky to have clear evening skies (in the northern hemisphere), look up to see the waxing first quarter moon in the beautiful lapis lazuli blue night sky, and imbibe the blue healing vibration our cosmos gives so freely. Over the next few days one may also witness electric blue ripples in the evening sky, with a setting sun and rare noctilucent ‘night shining’ clouds. _/

__/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸❤✶
On Sunday, on his 79th birthday, His Holiness Dalai Lama is preparing the Mandala for World Peace, the Kalachakra Mandala.
Happy Birthday Holiness! _/
Kala means time and Chakra means wheel. Kalachakra is the most complex mandala representing the cosmos as a whole. Yours truly has had the supreme good fortune (when good karma ripened ) to have done this with him twice before (and also 2x with other masters), and I know how concentrated one must be in order to follow the whole 11-day process from start to finish (when sand mandala is erased and offered to water). In this photo HH is laying the first line in the Eastern Gate of the Great Bliss Mind Mandala.

~> May all beings in all realms be happy, and at peace _/\_
Have a beautiful weekend!

With ℒℴѵℯ_/✿\_ & many thanks to Dechen Ling Press for image of Medicine Buddha & to Olivier Adams for the wonderful photo of His Holiness and the initial stages of the sand mandala _/

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