Saturday, 5 October 2013

Libra New Moon Oct'13

☼ New Moon 11 Libra, at 1:34am UT

In the language of symbols, the Libran scales represents a social sign, seeking love, peace and fairness in all relations. And although famous for sitting on the fence, often being indecisive because of being a people-pleaser not wanting to upset anyone, the aforementioned ideals to which this highly evolved and elegant sign aspires also require a certain kind of cool balance and equipoise, which the only machine in the zodiac can beautifully harmonise.

With an ability to engage and come from the heart yet at the same time remain emotionally detached is Libra’s rare gift, especially when mediating stressful situations – of which there currently seem to be quite a few, as Sun and New Moon square up to the challenging Cardinal Cross (that comes in and out of cosmic play for next seven months). Interestingly, this New Moon provides an opening for a liberating and innovative heroic awareness which stems from having an altruistic intention: for all beings to be happy and free from suffering. And when Libra’s ruler, the Love Goddess Venus, changes signs in a few days, remaining composed and stable whilst still seeing (and working) the bigger picture gives the heart-mind space to grow, as well as protection from getting hooked into the eight worldly concerns: praise and blame, fame and disrepute, success and failure, pleasure and pain.

From this astrological meditator’s view point utilising dynamic Libra’s airy element also means being aware of the subtle winds, chi (rLung in Tibetan) to consciously create a personal internal balance, which then helps all kinds of co-creating inter-personal decision making.

It’s also worth noting how this lunation marks an exciting month ahead, with the beginning of the year’s second eclipse season, and a full Moon lunar eclipse in Aries Oct 18th /19th, highlighting geocosmic/worldly/personal shifts and transformation. Adding to the intense heavenly mix, the celestial messenger, Mercury, begins a retrograde in Scorpio on the 9th. Plus comet ISON, which has a strong association to Mars, will soon be coming into view!

So now is the time, during this new Libran Moon, to familiarise breathing into the pivotal centre of balance, and develop the mindfulness and equanimity which supports and strengthens personal spiritual practice, as well as the ability to gracefully handle our forever changing world. _/♥\_

With love & gratitude to Elaina Deva for her gorgeous pink lotus eclipse Moon _/♥\_

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