Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio ☿ ♏ Rx - 21st Oct - 10 November

Usually swift in winged attire, Mercury, sparkling planet of mind and movement slowed down yesterday to become retrograde at 18 Scorpio for three weeks, until November 10th. Going all the way back to 2Scorpio, Mercury now goes undercover to be the guiding light when delving into dark recesses, a covert celestial agent with a responsible mission.

Secretive, enigmatic and transformational, Mercury in Scorpio is magnetic, thoughtful and extremely incisive when dealing with difficult subjects. In Scorpio, Mercury is the psychopomp, escorting people, things, ideas, through various transitions: from life to death, to life after death through the bardo, and rebirth.

When the planet of the mind delves into powerful Scorpio it does so fearlessly, teaching that when something/someone dies it is to be reborn. Holding steady with laser-like perception, Mercury in Scorpio deals sensitively with taboo subjects such as power, sex, death, and shared investments, such as emotional investments within intimate relationship, spiritual investment with tantric commitment, or financial such as big business, taxes, and inheritance (environmental, cultural, or monetary); none of these are easy topics, often requiring trust and faith, and an ability to stop and step back to release the old and outworn in order to be renewed and reborn. As Mercury will conjunct karmic Saturn twice more during this retrograde/direct phase (and twice more Sextile both Pluto & Mars, plus Trine Neptune), busy Mercury is able to magically facilitate healing at any time, thus encouraging the development of insight, intuition, and the psychic sensitivity to transform past life (past events/past psychology) into a potentially powerful force for good by taking personal control of one's life, and sharing the best with the rest. _/♥\_

Thanks to unknown artist for evocative Buddha _/♥\_
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