Monday, 5 November 2012

Lha Bab Düchen 2012 __/❤\__ Buddha descent from the realms of the 33

November 6th ~ Lha Bab Düchen __/❤\__

Buddha’s descent from the pure realms of the Deva’s is celebrated, to honour the kindness Buddha repaid to his mother.

As one of the four main days of the Buddhist calendar, this is a karma multiplied day x 10 million.

During this last quarter Moon, when the Sun is in Scorpio and the Moon in regal Leo, energy is transformational, intense and dramatic; emotions run deep in the light of self-consciousness.

November 6th 2012 is also the day when Mercury, planet of healing and communication, goes into retrograde motion, signalling how important it is to observe the mind, as well as watch what we say. While Mercury is currently in optimistic Sagittarius, this particular retrograde period takes places during ‘eclipse season’; there will be many a turning point as healing Mercury retreats back into secretive Scorpio to re-do, re-work, re-think powerful alliances before stationing to go forward November 27th.

Be prepared. Create good karma and generate merit (now and always). The solar eclipse is in a week’s time on November 13th, coinciding with a SuperMoon.

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Thank you _/❤\_

Blessings & Love on this very holy day _/❤\_

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thanks also to unknown artist for beautiful Buddha Lotus

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