Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Diwali Solar Eclipse ☼ Sacred Fire Circle

Wishing everyone a very Happy Eclipse Diwali ~> this year a shadowy festival with a CIRCLE of SUN’s SACRED LIGHT!

The Asian Diwali light festivities now celebrate with a shimmer, twinkle and sparkle during the darkest hours of the old Moon, before the 22degrees Scorpio new SuperMoon Eclipse tonight (Tuesday 13th or tomorrow morning Wednesday 14th depending upon where you are in the world) at 22:

08 GMT.

This solar eclipse is only visible at the northernmost tip of Australia. Totality will last for about four minutes. Eclipses are a cosmic interplay between Sun, Moon and Earth which happen twice a year, coming in pairs (Lunar eclipse Nov 28th). A Solar eclipse takes place when a New Moon crosses the orbital plane of the ecliptic and passes in front of the Sun.

As seen from Earth, the Moon temporarily blocks most of the Sun’s light; though we do see a ring of light around the Sun we can also witness the Sun’s amazing ring of light, the ‘Corona’, in full splendour. The Corona truly is the Sun’s crowning glory, and eclipses offer a rare glimpse of the Sun’s powerful electromagnetism, as the Sun radiates its’ powerful and brilliant ‘Light of Intelligence’ into our solar system.

As spiritual masters have long advocated, eclipses are rare and powerful moments, best tuned into through meditation and reflection. A purified central channel, the Sushumna, can open within one’s subtle body to unify wisdom and compassion to provide clarity, insight and realisation. But not everyone can handle this fast rip in the fabric of space-time and the ensuing potential cosmic opening to spirit; so some people can be negatively affected. So be aware how this is also a Mercury Retrograde Solar Eclipse when the mind, as well as airlines and all forms of travel, can play tricks – which is another reason to make every effort to remain calm and patient, centred and balanced, with self as well as others.

With eclipses now taking place in powerful Scorpio, a sign of transformation and regeneration, endings and beginnings, Scorpionic renewal is through the ability to delve into previously hidden places, ideas, or thoughts, to sexually, psychically and emotionally heal. Working multi-dimensionally: outer, Inner & Secret (mundane/earth, personal/psycho-anatomical & spiritual), check where this transformational 22 degree Scorpio lies in your horoscope and see what-how-where this profound union of Sun & Moon in Scorpio is activating for you personally.

By honing into the wounded/darkest part of self (physical, intellectual or spiritual) we can retrieve the new light of day that sheds light, so that one magically emerges self-aware: greater, stronger and smarter. This eclipse intensifies Scorpio’s laser-like perception which cuts to the quick to release the outmoded or outworn, so that one is literally reborn and revitalised, able to move ahead with a generous heart in all relationships.

NOW is the time to transform _(♥)_
Please contact me personally if you would like an ASTROLOGY READING to explore the current cosmic climate of transformation & renewal _(♥)_

Image is 1000 Arm Chenrezig by Anya Lamgmead _(♥)_ Om Mani Padme Hung _(♥)_

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