Sunday, 19 August 2012

Action & Reaction ~> Two Grand Crosses + Cardinal + Mutable

Rather unusually, there are TWO GRAND CROSSes in the sky at the same time this week! The 'Cardinal Grand Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun' is the power-house that galvanizes into action tomorrow, Monday 20th August, when the sensitive Moon moves into harmonious Libra (to oppose Uranus and Square Venus and Pluto); to accent the awareness of renewal and transformation.

This kind of formation ha
s the celestial hallmarks which also herald pronounced solar activity – including an active sextile from Spirit Sun to fiery Mars, and that can certainly whip UP the dynamism.

A Cardinal Cross is energetic and forceful, urging one to shift and quickly move (hopefully into a positive direction) with all kinds of important issues: self in relationship, to family, partnerships, groups AND profession. Staying centred could be a challenge especially as the Sun is currently involved in a 'Mutable Grand Cross', which gains strength as it approaches its' opposition to dreamy Neptune and squares the destiny-fulfilling nodes (24thAugust); Events this week will eventually point a way to practical and spiritual service, through being able to empathise and generate compassion. Whatever happens (I personally am going to) count blessings, as the Tibetan word for 'blessing' (jinlab) means 'a wave of grace' that also suggests having the ability to change _(♥)_

Image is a 14th Century Tibetan Mandala from Rossi collection_(♥)_

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