Thursday, 9 August 2012

Last Quarter Taurus Moon ~> Golden Sun in Leo ~> August 9th 2012

With today's last quarter moon, a Tara or Medicine Buddha practice (or indeed any kind of meditation practice) to overcome obstacles and banish negativity, the insight gleaned can have far reaching results. This is because both lights, Sun and Moon, are at home and exalted, respectively. Spirit Sun in his Leo domain encourages a positive focus upon self, while the sensitive Moon in Taurus nurtures, in a very real and caring manner.

With helpful feedback from personal meditative awareness, one can release any sense of worthlessness, to be ready for a confident and generous heart to shine with a new Leo moon on the 17th August.

~ ♥ ~
Homage to you, the golden lady
Whose hand is adorned with a blue lotus,
You are the Lady of the domain of the activities of generosity,
Diligence, simplicity, tranquility, patience and meditation.

Om Tara Tutare Ture Soha _(♥)_

image of Yellow Tara by Nepalsilvercraft ~ with thanks ♥

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