Sunday, 3 April 2011

nil desperandum -> patience & forethought win out ~ New Aries Moon 2011

A New Moon in the sign of the Ram renews hope and optimism, as additional seasonal momentum propels one fearlessly forward.  Such drive is helpful, particularly as the start of this lunation heralds massive and potentially disruptive sudden change, from which there is much to learn. New projects, ideas or adventures that recently appeared ‘all-systems go’ may quickly reach a momentary high, leading to the need to slow down one’s mind and ride this New Aries Moon, 3rd/4th April, with focus and attention. 

Dramatic developments demand an alert mind ready to seize opportunities that stir the compassionate heart into positive action. Since the Spring Equinox (21st March), when sensitive Moon conjunct boundary-marking and restrictive Saturn (read cuts) we’ve increasingly witnessed rising levels of dissatisfaction across the world over too little autonomy, status, or stability, without a modicom of which the relationship to self and other’s – including the Divine - struggles to find balance.

Now that a cluster of planets assemble in the confident but sometimes reckless sign Aries, the astral prospective is as antagonistic as it is assertive. In a push to seek volition and establish autonomy we may realise sudden new growth. But push too far, too fast, or be too furious, violent and competitive, and any or everything could backfire. Anger management is therefore high on the current celestial agenda, not only to avoid sticky situations but also to question rivalry as well as consider the kind of authority we respect, while the heavens point towards individual freedom within ethical limits as means of ruling responsibility.

Mercury, planet of communication and all we ponder, is thankfully in retrograde motion, which means we now take time to revise, reconsider and reprogram; in Aries, we can begin to understand how the mind works; Aries provides the bravery to reassess how we think and, perhaps more importantly for the impetuous Aries, to consider the RAMifications (couldn’t resist the pun!) of our most personal thoughts and actions. Being hot-headed, anxious, or intolerant is not the same as being keen and eager. This is one of those occasions when more haste really is less speed and the Mercury retro could work in our favour.

In esoteric astrology, Mercury rules Aries, signalling how important it is to contemplate before we act upon asserting our beliefs and thoughts – even for only the Aries nano-second. This association between the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, and the heavenly messenger, Mercury, suggests single-minded thoughtful focus, to be genuinely mindful, as shaping life in truth requires courage as well as reflection, especially if we are to understand life’s mysteries.

The Buddha said “All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

The most dangerous enemy to ardent Aries is its’ own over-heated impatience. Aries can be impulsive, acting quickly to see fast results; self-absorbed and unaware that others can be more cautious, needing time to reflect Aries can soon run up against a wall, spent and out of steam. To avoid such worst case scenarios, make the most of retrograde Mercury in Aries, affording these three precious weeks of reflection. 

In Tantra, fire represents knowledge; in astrology fire symbolises intuition. With SIX planets in fiery Aries, the Spiritual warrior advances as instinct aligns with ‘right understanding’ (from the Buddhist 8-fold path).  Those planets are Dynamic Mars (at home in Aries), BML, altruistic Uranus (hierarchical ruler of Aries), soulful Moon, Spirit Sun, expansive Jupiter AND retrograde Mercury, all oppose the confining Saturn, bringing to a head the recent 3rd and FINAL hit between Jupiter and Saturn (phew - enough already ;) thank you Goddess; this is the last seriously low point of a 20-year cycle): Blazing expansion and high-minded morality are again face-to-face, balancing all points between healthy self-assertion and making sure other’s also have a fair deal. Even-handedness is a major and ongoing deal (until 2012 – at least), and particularly karmic for the (internal) authority that ought to come from the heart.

Talking of which, it is spring (in the northern hemisphere), which rules wood and the colour green: the colour of the heart. Wood represents organic expansion, with influencing wind element; green is also the colour of Tara, the Tibetan Goddess who is the Great Mother Liberator. We call on her wisdom to quickly overcome the many obstacles to the planet and in our personal lives. “Om Tara tuTara ture soha”

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