Monday, 6 June 2011

Stabilsing Earth ❤ ۞ ❤ Jupiter in Taurus June 2011 --> June2012

Astrologers often declare ‘there's no such thing as luck’!  Instead, we say there are auspicious times, which, by their very nature, are more likely to place us in the right place, talking to the right person, saying the right thing, and most importantly, holding the right view and right understanding. And it is the magnificent planet Jupiter which presides over these precious golden moments, so often laden with blessings and opportunity.

Beneficent Jupiter bestows good fortune, success, and the desire to travel and expand horizons, be that spiritually, intellectually and/or physically.  Jupiter also indicates sacred wisdom, higher learning and innate teaching abilities. With intrinsic humour, hope, and good-naturedness, Jupiter's motto is "Be big about it!"  Its principle is generosity of spirit, that also determines our moral convictions and ethics.

Jupiter's significance is now advancing through the circle of animals: For the past four and a half months, the largest planet in our Solar system has been whirling at the speed of light through Aries, sign of the pioneering confident Ram; any kind of self-obsession or self-analysis a magnified learning curve.  The influence of Jupiter during this dynamic sign seemed to be a wake-up call from our personal inner-guru to understand persona, or more specifically put 'self ' into perspective and question the wisdom of persona projection; to not be so pushy or self-indulgent, but instead think of others and find peace. When Jupiter recently opposed responsible Saturn in relationship-orienated Libra, a year-long call urged us to step-up enthusiasm and be confident when doing what is right and fair for others, and for peace and justice. 

In this modern world of fast-track evolution, there are also shared events which are triggers to make the most of opportunity, symbolised by personal planets such as Jupiter now aspecting generational Neptune (by trine in the ingress chart), the planet that represents great swayths of spirit-soul groups and the underlying emotional energy that binds collective thought, events or situation. 

Now we are riding the big wave, with Fukushima, for instance, as many instinctively feel the quickening karmic winds of change, even if unable to exactly express those emotions - feelings, by their very nature are a sensation that carry unseen chemicals, hormones and thoughts. Events such as happened in Japan create the kind of interconnected situation which makes one wonder about the philosophy of a ‘me, me, me’ society. All the while the transpersonal planet change, Uranus, remains in (tropical) self-orientated Aries, when kindred spirits instigate many a new collective new move (for the next seven years), as Jupiter, celestial teacher and bringer of good fortune shifts into the steady sign of the Tauran Bull until June 2012; so symbolic of treasuring the value in simple pleasures such as a child's smile, the smell of a flower, or a view from a mountain top.

And by Jove! A massive thunder storm has now going on over my head for the past three days! The celestial pantheon is reminding me how dorje-wielding Jupiter (4th pic down for more info on indestructable dorje), the philosophical Lord of Thunder and Lightening is moving signs Saturday 4th June ~ from speedy Aries into Taurus, stabilising sign of Earth's riches, as well as LOVE & money ~ Very auspicious for those with planets in Taurus ♥

Thanks and love to unknown artist & photographer for inspiriational images.

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