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Cosmic Twins point way with triple set of eclipses -> June '11

A New Gemini Moon at 22:03 BST, on June 1st, is a partial Solar Eclipse over the northern Arctic, stretching from Sibera to Nova Scotia, also marking ‘Saka Dawa’, the most the venerated lunar month in the Tibetan calendar. Saka Dawa celebrates Lord Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and parinirvana ( this often happens a month after the rest of Asia). 

This eclipse, although partial, is still an important astrological phenomenon as the Dragon’s tail (following South Node) in the sign of the Gemini Twins highlights the need to come from a well-informed place - implying the time is ripe for some serious mind-training. It's time for a healthy neuroplasticity meditation. Bear in mind how eclipses are the result of earth encountering yin-yang energy vortices, from which we confront duality; all kinds of energies can swirl and ride the enquiring Gemini mind – the seen and the unseen, positive and negative, light Gemini twin and dark Gemini twin, all can spin the wild out-of-control mind and turn our thinking upside down (which can, of course, in certain circumstances be rather helpful). 

Because Gemini is an ‘Air’ sign, we are therefore encouraged to guard the Bodhi mind’s treasure, to be mindful of breath (as mind’s vehicle to Spirit) and support calm abiding Shamatha meditation so that pure prana, ki, r’lung, bio energy (different names for cosmic energy) swiftly pacifies and protects mind-body-spirit, helping not to incur negative karma.  Please also be aware that from the physical body’s perspective, breathing problems can also be magnified during this lunation (28 days), such as asthma and allergy ~& Breathe gently, even when stuck at the traffic light or in a slow-moving queue; take the opportunity to tune into breath and calm the mind with long, slow, mindful inhalation and exhalation. Earth itself is also experiencing 'winds', with powerfully strong tornadoes; and the official Atlantic hurrican season starts with this New Moon Gemini Solar Eclipse.

As this is Saka Dawa month, Karma is also multiplied throughout, with positive karma generated from taking the eight Mahayana precepts during this sacred month magnified (Basic 5 precepts: no killing, no stealing, no lying, no intoxicants, and no sexual misconduct.). What makes this Saka Dawa special is how this is a triple eclipse season with two solar eclipses, as both June and July commence with a New Moon accenting Earth’s poles: first in the Northern Land of The Midnight Sun in June, and at the Southern Antarctic (where all the world's water meets) in July. It’s as though Earth’s Sushumna is activated with this set of eclipses (so that we can consiously download the healing gamma ray activity coming from the Crab nebula) Sandwiched in between at the apt middle way, is Saka Dawa Duchen, with a Full Moon Lunar eclipse on 15th June – A Lunar eclipse (visible over Europe and Asia but not the US) just before Summer Solstice picks up the last Winter Solstice Lunar eclipse which pointed directly to the galaxy ~> amplifying an opportunity to tap into and embrace the light of intelligence, and raise the cosmic love vibration. As Sun, Moon and Earth symbolise unifying duality of the relations between male and female, yin and yang, and poles north and south, crown and root chakra, we mindfully meld action with wisdom and evolve mindful-consciousness.

Regular readers are now aware to be attentive to the subtle body, with chakras, winds and channels being extra sensitive at the time of an eclipse: Eclipses can be an integral (and sometimes backdoor) passage for spiritual evolution.  On a relative level we often witness life-changing events and situations during eclipse season, especially if the degree of the eclipse constellates our own horoscope. At 11degrees Gemini, this first of these three eclipses comes in regal style as it conjuncts Aldeberan, a Babylonian Royal star that confers honour through risk (think twice before doing anything too crazy).  This star is the (third?) eye of the Bull; which  Babylonians refferred to as 'The Furrow of Heavens' - perhaps in relation to the milky way and galaxy. In the tropical sign of Gemini, this promises to be a powerful month with the potential for awakening to collective enlightenment, particularly by analysing and questioning the verity of one’s beliefs.  
Saka Dawa Duchen culminates with a Festival of Lights on the 15th June with the lunar eclipse pointing towards the centre of the Galaxy.  This lunar eclipse shares a similar vibration with the last Winter Solstice Lunar eclipse (link to blog) in as much as it is a means for us to understand the nature of the etheric and subtle bodies, and activates the collective sacred fire. Alice A. Bailey teaches that Gemini is the Hierarchal ruler of Earth; and Earth is esoteric ruler of Sagittarius; thus the connection between these three highlights the unique relation and exaltation of the nodal axis in these signs.  This combination almost guarantees soul development: “When the dual forces of the cosmic brothers (Gemini) becomes the energy of the one who rides towards the light (Sagittarius) then the fourth (chakra or dimension) becomes the fifth (chakra or dimension). Humanity, the link, becomes the Hierarchy, the bestower of all good. Then all the Sons of God rejoice” (p356 Esoteric Astrology.  Italics are my own interpretations).

At the time of the June 1st eclipse, the horoscope indicates the Sun and Moon make wonderful aspects to disciplined Saturn: an indication how we take on our work with a greater sense of responsibility. This aligement also accents our ongoing Spiritual development with the Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun coming into perfection only three days after the actual eclipse (so still very much within effect). The same can also be said about the lunar eclipse being only six days before the Summer Solstice, which also brings into line the Cardinal Cross.  The last of the three eclipses finishes the set with a perfect Cardinal Cross, meaning we must once again look to Uranus as the agent of the changes making an easy sextile to Mars in Gemini only a few degrees away from our original eclipse - making it even more important that we are aware of 'what goes around, comes around'. 

So while I am often labelled 'optimistic' when delivering complex astrology (I have a propensity of fire over water in my own chart), I appreciate these are extremely unusual times of enormous change, but at least we can be aware of what is happening; with information at our fingertips (Gemini) we can make an informed decision as to the direction in which we should go (Sagittarius).  I’ll probably write more about the Cardinal Cross of the Spiritual Sun over the summer... And who knows? I may even finish the sign-by-sign analysis I so enthusiastically promised last year! Meanwhile, enjoy the blessings of blissful Sakadawa love-light and remember to go easy during this intense eclipse period.   

Many thanks to LAMA ZOPA RINPOCHE, for the karma pacifying mantra; & thanks as always to Bill Brouard for the Event Horizon Buddha; to Vishnu108 for the fabulous earth twirling Buddha;  and to other unknown artist/photographers for much appreciated images.

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