Saturday, 11 June 2011

karmic blessing --> a mind-stream in truth _/|\_ 11June11

Most harmonious relationship today between Gemini Sun and Libra Moon with the growing light of the Moon; this waxing 120 degree triangle between the lights marks GURU RINPOCHE day in the Tibetan tradition, when we make offerings to Guru Padmasambhava to help us to overcome obstacles and stay clear in heart~mind and intention.

This being the month of SAKA DAWA, when karma is multiplied, it’s worth noting how the emotionally aware Moon in poised Libra is separating from a conjunction with an exalted Saturn, Lord of Karma (and is still within orb). Saturn is presently powerful, about to go station direct on MoonDay 13th, making this a poignant moment to harness. The combination of strong YANG Moon-Saturn suggests taking personal responsibility for who we are, and how we live our truth; Saturn in this position indicates we are aware of past karma, and intrinsically knowing the work, enthusiasm and patience we need in order to remain flexible in mind and steady in objective, at peace, and coming from the balanced heart in all relationships.

This is a potent light energy, as we approach Wednesday's full moon lunar eclipse accenting the inquisitive Gemini-Sagittarius axis. The question is: Are we ready to live in accordance with our own true nature?

Quite an evening in the sky, a romantic golden Saturn with a misty Moon above my head pour moi ce soir and Spica & Arcturus above ~

Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Pema Siddhi Hung ~ x108

Om Shani ~& Om Chandra :) Om Shanti ♥ Om Om Om _/♥\_ ☽✩

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