Friday, 19 June 2009

Solstice Sun with Vesta ~ Ingniting Inner light

Summer solstice (in our Northern hemisphere) is traditionally a time of festivity as the Sun is at ‘stand still’ high in the sky at its’ zenith. As in days of yore, traditional communal solstice fire festivals honour the life force of our solar system, the Sun. By acknowledging the power of the life-giving Sun, we also show respect to our inner essence, Spirit, otherwise known as the Divine, which we could also call conscious intuitive awareness, at one with the radiant universe.
We’re lucky this year’s longest day, marking the entry of the Sun into Cancer, symbol of home and family, happens over the weekend; celebrating with loved ones needn’t wipe out the rest of the week. The Sun is with the asteroid Vesta, who keeps home fires burning and adds a certain spark to the proceedings. Even so, this is no ordinary Solstice: strength is also in its’ subtlety as the Sun opposes Pluto in Capricorn, planet of complete rejuvenation, urging for total renewal as if it were a matter of survival. With Sun, Vesta & Pluto in alignment, the celestial focus is upon inviting the inner Light of Consciousness to infuse courage, faith and stamina to affect positive self-renewal and a rebirth of the human spirit.

In order for transformative Pluto to assist our makeover, we need to ‘let go’ of a deeply engrained part of our being, such as obsession, fear or desire that no longer serves our highest evolutionary good. And this may not be an easy a task to undertake, as to cut away from said fixation may well seem akin to ego-death. In the Buddhist sense, death is only part of cyclic existence. Death is not the end, though, only a change as we flow through the Samsaric Ocean. Renewing life is the most significant transmutation we make. When we place our trust in faith, love, and peace of mind, doubts and fear of death melt into the void. Ego, on the other hand, is the part of our being that thrives on pointless drama, anger, competition and lust; all aspects of the psyche that generate conflict, dread and panic, which kick and scream all the way to the final resting place. Endings can be admittedly difficult, as change makes us look at ourselves in the raw and send us reeling into shadow mode. Yet it is from that shaded place where we can see the light of creativity and inspiration. So in the midst of Solstice celebration a controlled sense of calm and sensitivity to what may initially seem like a sacrifice, such as breaking an ingrained negative habit, changing the way we think or feel about something or someone, can actually be an awakening to light any psychological or spiritual load and breathe new life into any flagging spirit.

Interestingly, the further we look outside ourselves the deeper within we go, to reach more subtle dimensions of self in relation to spirit. A New Cancer Moon on the 22nd compounds the need for emotional support, where one is able to express how it feels during times of transformation. Venus and Mars cosy up to each other too; so all in all, this Solstice point could be a period of very sexy self-improvement. Enjoy & Happy Solstice!

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Everything Counts said...

Spirituality really helps us with self assessment so that we are able to identify our strengths and weaknesses and go about our lives accordingly.