Friday, 30 January 2015

△ Grand Air Trine △ Guru Rinpoche day _/\_ Jan'15

☽☆☾ This lunar cycle’s 'Guru Rinpoche' day, when we give thanks and honour our guides, teachers and, in the Tibetan Buddhist’s tradition, our Lama, has a seriously intellectual quality about it, with reason and love triumphant when embracing unity, bliss and emptiness. This is because a triangle formation between the Aquarian Sun, the growing Gemini Moon, and the Moon’s North Node in Libra, now emphasises the highest functions of the heart mind.
 △ With a 'Grand Air Trine' the ability to find common bonds through ideas and friendship can create unity that helps to overcome the dualism separating us from the cosmic Oneness, which has our best interests at heart. Indeed, this kind of magical spacy cohesion helps to appreciate how the teacher works in mysterious ways. Please note that a teacher can be within, someone you met, or from books or videos, even.
△ And though we are all born with an inherent inner wisdom, none of us is perfect. In Buddhist philosophy we are all each others’ teachers, in one form or another. So it is during this glorious Gibbous Moon phase, before the upcoming glorious full Moon, where we celebrate the sacred connections that help us to breathe easy and remove karmic obscuration.
△ Paying respect to those who help gain personal insight, intuition, and wisdom overview, continues to be in the spotlight with Full Leo Moon, Tuesday the 4th, which will be conjunct Jupiter, the solar system’s munificent ‘Cosmic Guru’, which should be fun. ;)

☽☆☾ It is also worth noting how the nodal axis, with north &south nodes signifying where we are going and where we are coming from respectively, are currently activated by eccentric Uranus, conjunct the South Node. This powerful galvanization from the planet of change, Uranus, advocates the movement towards peace, beauty and harmony (NN in Libra) by raising awareness of where we have been, bringing new gifts to make serious changes (Uranus conjunct SN) that embrace the new and exciting.

In this astral Aquarian age of enlightenment, altruism is the key to the success of any transformation. _/

☽☆☾ Image is of Garuda – artist unknown, sent to us by one of the great living masters, Jadho Rinpoche _/
\_  Garuda is the Himalayan ‘King of the Birds’, who removes the poison to avoid any injury that comes about from desire, ignorance and aversion. In the Tibetan Kalachakra system of astrology, Garuda is associated with the inventive Fixed Air sign, Aquarius. the sign in which Sprit Sun currently resides.

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