Monday, 5 January 2015

Full Moon in Cancer ❤ _/\_ Jan4th-5th ☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆

Events/thoughts/words can now trigger radical changes in direction towards beauty and enthusiasm, liberation and transformation. As the perihelion Sun (closest the Earth) shines upon the full and emotionally double-intense Cancer Moon at the nodal bends (@4:53GMT Jan5th), ‘The Lights’ spark into action the powerful ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’. This dynamic ‘Grand Square’ (13-14 degrees Capricorn, Aries, Cancer Libra) accents Risen Divinity and the sacred union of wisdom and compassion, in action and loving kindness.

Tonight’s Full Moon Grand Cross is dominated by all things Lunar. It is therefore the powerful Mother Goddess archetype (who resides within) providing crystal clarity, universal connection and protection, calling each and every one of us at the very start of this New Year to raise the cosmic love vibration and cultivate a limitless heart, aspiring to take care of all beings and our environment, as a Spiritual Mother would look after her child.

Happy New Year & Full Moon Blessings to all ॐ
__/\__ ☼✶•*¨*•.¸¸✶ With love & many thanks to for beautiful White Tara thangka __/\__

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