Monday, 1 October 2012

A Harvest of Insight ~> Full Aries Moon Sept 2012

2012's Full Harvest Moon in Aries activates my own Aries Moon. Initially, I wondered how this might ‘affect’ me. Of course, in Buddhism there is no ‘me’ to affect :) and in astrology the stars incline and don’t impel. (So the nonexistent ‘I’ either consciously or unconsciously makes one’s own destiny! ;)) But it was actually a personal breakthrough – so symbolic of an activating Aries Moon conjunct Uranus, the Great Awakener – that I suddenly ‘felt’ with my whole being something so simple, which I had intellectually understood for over twenty years. And this makes me aware of how important this full moon is.

Let me share my own personal ‘ah-ha’ moment, which is the recognition of how vital it is to maintain a calm-abiding meditation practice in order generate compassion towards others (in Tibetan this meditation is called ‘Shamata’). Without this personal practice of harmonising one’s heart-mind, one is less able to easily be loving and kind. Of course one can be always be considerate if one cares to; but the kind of total thoughtful concern for others that I am talking about, which consistently has the benefit of others at heart, takes years if not lifetimes of contemplation, hence the emphasis that all spiritual traditions place upon meditation.

It seems surprising to acknowledge how I have ‘known’ how important it is to ‘do the practice’; but now, over this full moon, I have ‘emotionally experienced’ the wisdom of this most basic meditation – that personal practice (Aries) provides a treasury of LOVE (Libra). And this depth of feeling (associated with the Moon) makes all the difference; as greater freedom comes from understanding how real (Uranian) liberation means ones is no longer bound by circumstance, causes or conditions – and that is quite a big step on the process of spiritual transformation, developing compassion, wisdom and strength in any event or situation!

All this is very much in accord with the current celestial line-up as the harmonious Libra Sun opposes the dynamic Aries Moon, which sits next to unpredictable yet altruistic Uranus, and both in Tsquare to powerful Pluto. These stars ask us to consider how we relate – to ourselves and to loved ones and, because friendly Uranus is in the mix conjunct the Moon in Aries Uranus takes on a more important role, as the planet of kindred spirits is also the higherarchical ruler of Aries, suggesting all the Ram's individuality is best served when living for the benefit of others (which is the Mahayana principle); this Moon conjunct Uranus assesses how we fit into the collective aspiration of personal freedom, altruisim and transformation.

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