Friday, 21 September 2012

Healing Equinox ~> 2012 Autumn Dragon

As our world turns, the Solar year experiences two equinoxes, marked by equal-day and equal-night, at Spring and Autumn. Each has a distinct signature: Autumn inclines towards the cocooned dark restful night, while Spring dynamically moves headlong into the light.

Tomorrow, 22nd September, at 15:50 BST , 7:50 AM PST, we reach Autumn Equinox, the point of Earth’s yearly solar cycle when light and dark exchange dominant directions, and dark nights extend into the northern he

misphere; while the light of life gets ready to spring into action in the south.

This point of balance and change heralds the ingress of the Sun into a leading cardinal sign Libra - the sign where karmic Saturn is currently exalted at anaretic 29degree, making it oh-so imperative to stay centred in heart-mind.

Concerned with peace, love and unity, Libra’s planet is Venus (now in fiery Leo) and the scales’ element is intellectual ‘Air’, which is yang in energy; this combination is generally quite fast-moving and brisk.

The weekend also see’s a 1st quarter Medicine Buddha Tara Moon, giving this Autumn equinox a lovely, quick-healing boost; before we know it there will be a massive Full Harvest Moon in only a week’s time :)

2012’s fiery Autumn Dragon is stirring ~> Enjoy the shift :) _(♥)_

Image is Sangey Menla, Tibet's blue Medicine Buddha, whose mantra is 'Tayatha Om Bekanze Bekanze Mahabekanze Rasa Sammut Gate Soha' ~> 'Oh Hail the Great King of Healing, let the healing be strong, and let the healing begin' _(♥)_

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