Thursday, 4 October 2012

Profound Trust ~> Saturn in Scorpio 6th Oct 2012 ~> 2015

The zodiac’s ‘Karmic Taskmaster’, Saturn is, on the 6th October, about to make a momentous move from one (tropical) sign to another, leaving beahind the sign of the Libran scales, where he is exalted and will not return until 2039! That’s a long time, as it takes 28-ish years to experience the wisdom of Saturn’s lessons through all 12 signs of the Zodiac. This particular turn of Saturn through Libr
a has been about opening the heart in a very real and personal way – even in difficult situations, finding harmony and resting at centre. While Saturn now stands at the last 29th degree of Libra, we can look back over the previous two and half years to assess the lessons learned when dealing with Libra issues, such as love and peace in partnership, be the collaboration in marriage or business. Saturn exalted in Libra shows a middle way. As the taskmaster craves to achieve recognition within successful loving relationship, Saturn in Libra revealed how important it is to come from the heart, to be aware of our own part in creating causes and their affects, and how to remain fair, just and balanced.

Now this wise and weighty ringed planet is moving into the intense water sign, Scorpio, relationships deepen and the complexities of intimate karmic connections, especially ones which wield a magnetic power and influence, come to the fore. Saturn here tends to look for long-term shared investment, working obsessively towards transformation to reveal deep inner and often hidden magical resources. The combination of disciplined Saturn and secretive Scorpio hones insight, often through profound (tantric) meditation, enabling one to use an laser-like perception to cut through the nonsense and reveal the truth. Even if one does not like what one sees, having this acute sensitivity provides inordinate amount of strength and determination (to use one's practice) as tools for dramatic transformation.

Astro students will note how Saturn in Scorpio is in ‘mutual reception’ with Pluto in Capricorn (i.e. both planets are in the other’s sign), indicating a potential for extreme reactions to karmic circumstance, either good or bad. Buddhism views every situation, even difficult one, as a means to practice dharma. So perhaps the most important lesson Saturn in Scorpio offers is TRUST.

Those with planets in Scorpio will already probably sense the time is fast approaching to get real, be responsible, and overcome life's obstacles with a more serious long-term approach.

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