Friday, 14 September 2012

Perfect Virgo New Moon ~ September 2012

According to Buddhist philosophy, we come into this world with innate goodness, called ‘Buddha Nature’. Though inherent purity can become corrupt through circumstance, causes and conditions - karma, choices and influences, beyond innumerable layers of dense conditioning, which there is in most everyone, a pristine consciousness can be reawakened, always with awareness and sometimes with effort.

The perfection we strive to attain is therefore already within – it is just a (small!) matter of realisation. This perfect wisdom can be astrologically represented by the constellation Virgo, the flawlessly accomplished and learned Goddess, who gives herself unconditionally to humanity, in a life of practical service.

Over this weekend, both Spirit Sun and sensitive Moon conjoin in smart, practical Virgo, to renew and energise the healing power of (and for) the Divine Feminine within everyone. We all have a feminine side, from where wisdom and intuition stem (the right side of the brain). Virgo is also mindful of body and soul. Now is the time to connect to our sensible self and the Healing Goddess, to clean up our act, our altars, and our intentions; for the New Moon Saturday/Sunday 15th/16th at 3:11 British Summer Time (7:11pmPDT) at 23 Virgo, urges one to be prepared and practice humility with calm patience and insight; during the coming lunation we also reach a point of balance at Equinox (September 22nd); and there are challenging aspects to navigate before the next new moon October 15th, which command fairness, freedom, and fortitude.

Image of Green Tara by Anya Langmead _(♥)_

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