Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New Moon in Cancer ~ July 2012

In the Buddhist tradition, due to countless rebirths, we view all beings as having been our protective gentle mother, someone who has unconditionally taken care of us as best she could. Even if you don’t take on board the concept of reincarnation, this kind of thinking is helpful when dealing with difficult or frustrating situations or relationships (even if with one’s own mother in this lifetime). When we recall our Mother’s sympathy and kind-heartedness as we were growing-up, it becomes easier to generate the wish to repay such benevolence, by developing compassion, patience and love towards others.

I mention this now before a new moon at 26 Cancer (5:23am British summer time, 19th July) which highlights past memories, as well as emotional sensitivity and family connections, be it immediate or global family, as Cancer is ruled by the moon, doubling the intensity of any sentiment.

This new moon, hot on the heels of yesterday’s powerful ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’, provides intuitive strength and determination to square-up to and act upon what may appear to be hard and difficult issues (especially during a Mercury retrograde); while the Cancerian influence also reminds us to watch hasty moves and show care to self and others, just as a Mother would her child.

Image is of Tara: The Mother of Perfected Wisdom

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