Saturday, 20 November 2010

Mercury ☆ Mars ☆ Nov 20 ☆ Becoming 'The Immovable One' Akshobya

From the Moon throne arises Akshobya 'The Immovable One' with the admantine nature of pure consciousnes radiating compassion upon any irritation. ♥_/\_ૐ

Akshobya transforms anger into mirror-like wisdom:

And with Mercury now conjunct Mars (20th Nov '10) at 17 Sag = Quick thinking with an even quicker tongue, it means we can be quick to rise ~> Anyone feeling tetchy? Best watch being super-critical and, because the mind is on fastforward for the next couple of days - over this Full Moon - the celestial challenge is see how quickly one can bring ourselves into check and transform any anger into discriminating awareness. ♥_/\_ૐ 

Bare in mind that Mercury is entering an applying shadow period just after this weekend's Full Moon, to go retrograde on the 11th of December at 5 Capricorn (with Pluto, Ceres & the North Node), when seeking the wiser and more caring (collective) direction comes into focus.  Then,  just as this difficult year comes to a close, Mercury turns direct at 19 Sag, revealing how we renew our optimism by transforming the mind.  Mercury once again conjuncts Mars early next year, at 28 Aquarius on Feb 20th, when our anger'ometer once again is tested to remain cool, calm, and collected, with a mind unpeturbed by internal thoughts or outside events.  

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