Monday, 14 September 2009

The kiss of Purity & Justice ~ Mercury retro - Libra -> Virgo 09

A positive reaction to ‘fairness’ is hardwired into the human brain. Understanding that something is ‘right’ seems to satisfy a basic need, such as food and sleep. Yet fairness and justice are not always one and the same; that the sign of ‘Justice’ is often a blindfold beautiful young woman, holding sword and scales high above an institutional High Court, could provide clues as to how to create the kind of equilibrium many of us now seek - be that fairness a much-called for balance in relationship, within business, or in our own mind (with the latter often being the most difficult to achieve). A blindfold person need not be someone kept in the dark. Beneath our wraps lie the gifts of intuition, perception and insights which can embrace truth and integrity. Combine such symbolism with the faith that can be found by discussion and intellectual reasoning and we reach parity, as shown by the sword and scales; per chance we also discover peaceful equanimity.

With Mercury, planet of the mind, facts and communication now retrograde in Libra, the sign of harmony, equilibrium and justice, finding the most reasonable way to deal with certain situations, or certain people, is high on the celestial agenda. In our personal lives this could translate as deciding the best way forward in our social relationships: From friends, to business to marriage partnerships, we may now be asking how much adjustment is called for, investment needed or, indeed, commitment required from both parties to be acceptable as ‘fair’, if not just. As Mercury goes back into Virgo on the 18th September, where the wavering planet stays until the 10th of October, we are warned not to worry ourselves silly by trying to only settle upon the perfect solution; for there are always mitigating circumstances. While it is advised to study all available facts and figures, at least until Mercury goes forward on the 30th of September, focusing upon a healthy daily routine allows mind and body to align, making it easier to stay in good physical shape and therefore alert to any revelation. Applying and adjusting to those insights (however dramatic or difficult) provides the satisfaction which comes from achieving a sense of fairness, by separating right from wrong. And a real sense of accomplishment may be more apparent as Mercury goes back into Libra in October.

On a lighter note, as a connoisseur of the good life, Libra also rules looks and haute-couture fashion. Instead of being a slave to trends, Libra tends to appreciate lasting quality, with exquisite taste. As autumn draws in, it’s a great time to dress-up, re-vamping old favourites for a classy and new winter look! Enjoy!

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