Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dream Healing Caduces

We all have an image in our mind of how we are. For those whose egos are as Royal as Buckingham Palace, it’s a vision of excellence, of someone unable to do anything wrong or make mistakes. For others who only see faults, foibles, and that tiny little spec of fluff on your shoulder, the picture is far less grandiose; and one that can so easily feed a poverty mentality held in the grip of fear and loathing. Neither viewpoint is that healthy or nourishing: one too pompous, the other too narrow; it takes a certain kind of understanding to realise that while no one is perfect, everyone is precious: an awareness of self in relation to others.

A false perception of how we associate with the world can lead to feeling disconnected in so many spheres: in relationship to people, money, work, even reality itself. Yet all is never lost. Especially while healing Mercury, also planet of the mind, is stationed (to go retrograde on Monday) in rational Libra; the sign of peace and loving harmony shows how a balanced viewpoint comes by turning towards the middle way. This way of ‘intrinsic awareness’ allows us to see how our own life is reflected by everything around us, through others and our environment; if we take this further then we can perceive how one’s mind is also reflected in the body. And with the light of the life-giving Sun now focusing upon health-orientated Virgo, the connection to our physical wellbeing is seriously emphasized.

So how do we achieve this balanced state of intrinsic awareness, of self-acceptance with a healthy mind and body? The most direct way is through meditation, yoga, prayer, dance or poetry, or any other activity that promotes insight through non-analysis. During this Sun in Virgo ~ Pisces Full Moon (exact Friday at 5pm BST), a powerful solar-lunar association activates the dream and the achievable, to unify form and the formless, the real and phantasmagorical. Best note where the Virgo-Pisces axis lies in your horoscope, and prepare to synchronize mind and body with Divine Spirit. Take time to sit and breathe and observe how thoughts show up in your physical being, through tension and stress. And take care, as Samskaras from previous lives can also come to light when developing an equanimous mind and the heart of compassion.

Note Mercury is going to go retrograde in Libra early next week, heading back into purist Virgo on the 18th. Ordinarily, when any of the yearly three ‘Mercury Retrograde’ periods come up, astrologers warn about re-reading every last word of legal fine print at least twice before signing upon dotted lines, and to be aware that transport and postal delays should be factored in if sending or travelling – and still expect things to go slightly out of whack. But this next Mercury retrograde is no ordinary backward sliding passage, as the planet of communication lines up with an authoritative and realistic Saturn, which remains in opposition to radical Uranus (for another year yet), suggesting we all need to continue looking in a responsible manner at alternative measures for ways to make our lives secure and calm, open and free, without feeling oppressed, descending into anarchy, or resisting change.

So keep an eye on any balls you have in the air right now. Make a mental note of all you’re thinking about, how you process and juggle those thoughts, and the potential outcome of any analysis, because you might well be going over similar ground mid-September and again mid-October. Remember, experience counts, and forewarned is forearmed.

Staying on a practical note: if making (any major) decision over the next month, the most appealing option might be to sit on the fence whilst weighing up all options, (even asking other peoples’ opinions, if necessary professionals) possibly up until mid-October. Before pronouncing any sensible and responsible judgement, you may ironically go through an extreme transformation of causes and condition that enables something or someone to really flourish for years to come.

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