Thursday, 26 March 2009

Mind science

Mind science fascinates me, as training the chattering monkey mind is something I am constantly working on. Admittedly the mind and the brain are not the same. The brain is the intellect while the mind constantly interacts with feelings and the environment and, from astrology's 'interconnectivity' point of view, also with the heavens. So when scientists recently went looking for God in the brain, was it any surprise that all kinds of cerebral activity get sparked? Even though scientists only studied the brains of monotheistic religions, i.e. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, to me this only confirms that the intellect conceives the Divine to be everywhere, all around the ordinary world.

Here is one of the recent reports:

'Scientists searching for brain's 'God spot' find belief circuits' 'God' is found everywhere in the brain, 4966118/Scientists-searchi

Since reading these articles I have been wondering why then, fellow astrologers (and dharma practitioners too), do we see Jupiter, Neptune, 9th, 12th, Sagittarius, Pisces as being our only heavenly links to faith, religion, and the Divine, God, the Void, call it what you will. The cosmic kind of consciousness that fires up all parts of the brain, which means it must surely be found in all areas of the horoscope as well?

This article in the New Zealand herald mentions other studies, a Buddhist one and another, which Dawkins fans might enjoy:

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