Thursday, 5 March 2009

Dance of Venus ~ Step 1 ~ The Heroine

Value systems are called into question as Venus, symbolic of all we cherish, is now slowing down in the sign of the Aries firecracker. On the 6th March Venus halts to go retrograde for a biblical 40 days and 40 nights, when the heavenly Aries Love Goddess changes the steps of her cosmic dance, from being the excitable evening star to that of a bright and rosy morning glow. (Venus traces out a five-pointed star in the heavens with this retrograde pattern, with five Sun/Venus conjunctions over 8 years).

Affecting all of us during this time are concerns about property, relationships, and self-image; so following Yogi Bhajan’s very Venusian 3 Rules for Prosperity will be our challenge (which Carolyn recently posted): 1) Always be kind 2) Always speak kindly of others 3) Always speak kindly of yourself. (Tougher to follow than you think!)

Reassessing the sometimes-childish and selfish ego with kindness demands more than the brute force of a dynamic personality – humility, courage, and a cause to compassionately campaign will show how Venus rewards those who rise to the challenge and emanate the cosmic love vibration. That this Venus retrograde period means slamming on the breaks to a speedy thrill-seeking approach towards love or looks, money or art, seems fitting in the run up to Easter, a festival of resurrection - the perfect time to assess our impact upon something else we couldn’t live without: planet Earth. Just as important: If, having landed somewhere due to an impatient ego (duh!), to learn that LOVE CONQUERS ALL makes it possible to forgive others and ourselves and move on. And celebrate International Woman’s Day on the 8th of March knowing that to imbibe indestructible feminine strength and wiles honours the feminine within, as well as all the glorious Venusian women we know or have known, and love.

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