Friday, 13 March 2009


Over the years I’ve given 2012 a great deal of thought, and have come to the conclusion that the universal invitation to raise consciousness is already happening. A number of astrological factors indicate this. Even so, I bare in mind that Namkai Norbu Rinpoche, one of the greatest living Dzogchen masters teaches ‘astrology is only one of the 12 lores or sciences concerned with Spirit or Mind’; there are many ways to ‘realisation’.

Having said that, I am primarily a Western astrologer and a Buddhist practitioner who studies the movements of the heavens (#8 on Namkai Norbu Rinpoche’s list), but can see why some astrologers have hooked into 2012 as time of change, because Uranus in Aries is Square Pluto in Capricorn (tropically), denoting a transformational shift, collectively as well as individually. (There is also the beginnings of a Grand Cardinal Cross starting in 2010 through 2015, which have already begun to navigate.)

While much is being made about the fact that the rising Winter Solstice Sun conjuncts the Galactic centre at the 2012 Winter Solstice, few are acknowledging that the Winter Solstice Sun has been doing exactly that for some time now, since at least 1996. I recall being with HH the Dalai Lama, and 300,000 other Buddhists at a Kalachakra Initiation near Darjeeling, India, on the 1996 Winter Solstice Full Moon, thinking then about the 2012 Mayan prophesy - the end of one world and the beginning of another - noting how the prophesy was already in place: we are at the end of an era and, if we are to understand Samsara and cyclic existence, we are now seeing the beginning of something new.

That 2012 has grabbed people’s imagination is fascinating. Sure, it is glamorous to be thought of as a Blue Cosmic Storm rather than a crab, as in my case; but the whole 2012 Mayan Calendar phenomena also presents opportunities: On one hand we can exercise humanities’ collective longing for positive change and evolve our innate kindness and compassion, share the love, and bring an end to suffering. On the other, people can lay themselves open to an end-of-the-world doomsday scenario and get hooked into the fear, from which one can then be controlled.

But in the end, the change we are experiencing is to the natural world; and this current recessional economic climate can only benefit nature, and all her elements, of which we are but a part. Our environment is as precious as all sentient beings.

As far as western astrology is concerned a pertinent cosmic representation of what we are going through is the current association of the transpersonal outer planets, Uranus and Neptune; these two have been in direct relation for 22 years (with one more year to go (before Uranus goes into Aries)). Visionary Uranus is symbolic of groups, change, and awareness;
Neptune signifies psychic sensitivity and the Divine. This combination reflects an interest in astrology groups, as well as lightworking and consciousness raising transcendental networking. In its’ most positive sense, the dream team mutual reception of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius indicates a mass elevation of the human spirit. It also invites pure awareness. While Pluto in Capricorn suggests big business transforms to be responsible about earthly resources, caring like a perceptive and powerful mother-figure.

What I recommend during this period of intense change is that everyone takes time to de-stress and touch base with reality: meditation, yoga and music (amongst others) are all non-toxic ways we can relax into our natural state of inner-peace.

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