Thursday, 26 March 2009

Fiery Thunderbolt

This fiery new moon in Aries inspires courage and stimulates confidence in new ideas, new ventures and new relationships. New ways of looking at an established relationship, be it a business association or love affair, can also revitalise passion and enthusiasm - in both parties, to go full steam ahead by the end of April.

Amorous Venus is also still retrograde in Aries, conjoining the Sun, Moon and Mercury: action is called for, while personal strength is mastered and more easily projected when motivated by love and positive intention. Coming from the heart generates unconditional compassion, which also means being good to one’s self, as well as others. Having the strength, patience and discipline to refrain from intentionally or absentmindedly harming, either oneself or others, comes to the saintly few. Most of us have to work at practicing this most honourable ethic: because our ego and identity can all too easily become caught-up in difficult situations, as in a battle of wills, that emotions such anger, jealousy or competitive pride arise; such corrupting influences make it nigh on impossible to correctly assess situations. Allowing the mind access to the innate and much-needed gentle awareness could now encourage reconciliation between previously warring factions.

With four Aries planets in hard aspect to controlling Pluto, now is the time to rise to the challenge and persevere with enthusiasm, and stop dragging old and outworn habits into any new enterprise or association. The brave hero of the hour will reduce to ashes any negative influences that no longer serve his or her highest good, to take one step further towards a profound and phoenix-like personal transformation.

Many thanks to Lokabandhu for inviting me to Buddhafield to witness this wonderful vajra thunderbolt - May the light of the fire septre illuminate our path with spiritual clarity!

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