Saturday, 24 December 2016

☆ A Spark of Light during the Dark Moon Holy Days ~ Christmas '16☆

For anyone fascinated by either numerology or sacred geometric patterns – and that includes once-number-crunching astrologers (even though computers do it for us now) – it is now remarkable how no less than seven heavenly markers at 19-20-21°. Jupiter, BlackMoonLillith, Saturn, Venus, Chiron, Uranus and Ceres currently fill a celestial bowl, all occupying exactly one half of the zodiac circle, and all beautifully spaced and aligned to bring cosmic offerings to the holiday stars. Those born with these degrees his or her horoscope could now discover the metaphoric holy grail, a vessel of honour and love, whilst spinning and sparkling with thoughts and ideas that set one soaring with a passion. 

It’s a good job present planets are so evenly spread! Radiating from centre like an open fan that offers a perfectly synced moment to twirl, cool or hide behind, now is the time to assess our next steps. Watch the action as this Moon phase comes to a close. See what that has the potential to truly thrill and satisfy. If past events have been overly stress, take time now, before Capricorn's New Moon on the 28th/29th Jan, and catch one’s breath to inhale deeply the seasonal love, peace and hope that will help to embody the awareness that good things can be made to manifest. 

☆☆ Two of 2017’s most important and longer-lasting aspects are now taking place (which will remain in effect until Sept 2017). On Christmas day freedom-loving Jupiter opposes liberating Uranus; and on Boxing day, a dynamic and visionary trine between Saturn and Uranus sparks into being. Change is certain. Note that whatever you are envisioning or processing at this moment in time can set the tone for the coming year. Be brave. Co-create now with the universe. Tune into the magic of the moment, noting that in chaos there are always opportunities and how Yule is a festival that celebrates the return of the New Light King, as well as the birth of a Bodhisattva. 

Heroic spiritual warriors grow through beauty, love and light. Come the full Cancer Moon on Jan 12th the current focus can be set into action.
☆☆☆ Enjoy! Wishing that your holy day stars always twinkle, with love-light & thanks for your continued support for Dharma Stars Spiritual Astrology. If you’d like to know what lies in store for you personally in the coming year of the Phoenix Fire Rooster, I am available for readings; via skype, phone or face-to-face in London. See this page for details, or message me on fb :) <3 _/\_…
☆☆☆☆ Happy Christmas everyone & Merry be <3 _/\_
With thanks also unknown artist for space Buddha and to E.A.Garry designs for sweet Santa Buddha – Now we know teddy bears, snowmen and reindeer are really guardian angel bodhisattvas in disguise, keeping the magic of Christmas alive <3

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