Thursday, 28 May 2015

Wood Sheep SakaDawa 2015 ~> Guru Rinpoche Day_/\_

☼ △ ☾ A glowing Luna beautifully reflects the light of Spirit Sun, which is also now growing into its illuminating magnificence; SakaDawa Full Moon in Sagittarius celebrates Buddha’s birth, enlightenment and paranirvana, is on Tuesday 2nd June. Before then, the current Gemini Sun, Mercury, Mars conjunction continually stimulates the mind (great time to train the mind with lojong and/or mindfulness); as the ability to understand and act upon the ‘right view’ is greatly enhanced by resting on centre, and finding balance by talking things through with others, and generally airing questions, thoughts and information that can be put into action.

☼ △ ☾ In good aspect to the Moon in Libra, which is conjunct the destiny-fulfilling North Node, ‘The Lights’ now presents a wonderful turning point, towards the light, towards love, beauty and harmony as a mainstay of relationships.

☼ △ ☾This configuration on Guru Rinpoche day suggests the relationship is one between teacher and student, Guru and chela is almost ‘fated’, as though one were ‘meant’ to have a soul contract in splendour and devotion. Today, therefore, is a day to cherish those relationships from which we learn.

Image with thanks & ℒℴѵℯ_/✿\_ to the brilliant Karma Phunstok

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