Tuesday, 5 May 2015

☆ •°*☾The Moon: Reflections upon the Soul of the Horoscope☽*°•.☆

☆ •°*☾The Moon: Reflections upon the Soul of the Horoscope☽*°•.☆
As the radiant light of the Sun illustrates Spiritual strengths in the birth chart, so the Moon reflects upon the mysteries of the Soul and all it pertains to in this life, as well as past and future lives. Luna is a magical and restorative, dependable magnifying mirror, amplifying energies of contacting planets and providing regular windows of opportunity within a monthly cycle to align heart-mind and soul. 

In this work/playshop we will explore Soul's cosmic karmic imprints by observing Lunar cycles through astrology’s informative elements, signs, phases of the lunar month and the moon’s nodes. The Lunar placement can also determine which of the three Moon chakras dominates, with gifts or challenges. 

Bring your chart! Together we can reveal and highlight Soul's purpose, your challenges, secrets, and gifts, by synthesising natal sign, phase, and house placement – as well as moon aspects to current transits and progressed lunation cycle. (Or email me to have your chart prepared.) 

Bio: Viewing life through a Buddhist lens, Laura Boomer-Trent is an astrologer with over thirty years of astrological experience. She has an arts background, and is credited with creating, writing and presenting C4’s ‘The Astrology Show’ back in the day...

For maps, directions and address, here's the link to
The Theosophical Society
50 Gloucester Place, London W1U 8EA
Sunday May 10th @14:30
£15, £10 concessions, £7 TS members

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