Thursday, 5 March 2015

Chötrul Duchen ☼ March 5th Full Moon 18:05 @14Virgo_(❤)_

Full Moon Festival of Light! & Day of Miracles! Tashi Delek! _(❤)_.•✩¨¯`•☆٠.•..•¨*☽☀★☼

KARMA MULTIPLIED day x 100 million! (positive or negative)

Losar’s New Elemental Year of the Green Yin Wood Sheep began this lunation of miracles encouraging us to raise the altruistic intention, doing what is best for all beings; now the Moon culminates inspiring unconditional compassion and loving kindness.

*♥* The Virgo Moon highlights purification, dedication and practice, all the while reflecting the light of the devotional Pisces Sun, through prayer, meditation, yoga, music, dance, art (etc), internalising pure wisdom with an awareness of (the need for) real spiritual healing. Note how during this Virgo Full Moon the extraordinary can (and will) happen. Some of the suffering and pain encountered in this sea of Samsara could even melt into ether, especially when intuition is coupled with practicality to heal heartmind and body, that can even contribute to the healing of our planet.

*♥* Today's plethora of planets in Aries also excites LOVE into action. All the while the current conjunction of the Sun/Neptune/Chiron in Pisces suggests weaving through a confusing emotional maze demands decisive positive, if slightly unconventional thinking. Remain mindful. Assumptions can leave one vulnerable to negative emotion. Let go of expectations to outcomes now by being aware that ultimately everything is an illusion, but still allow space for dreams to manifest. 

*♥* This Full Moon is furthest away from the Earth making this is one of the years’ smallest Full Moons. This doesn’t mean a ‘micro moon’ will be any less powerful, but it may well mean we can get to the root of problems, thus making it less likely to engage with issues that hurt, such as abandonment or lack of information or support, and enable us to make a real commitment to tame the mind, healing ourselves as well as others, in order to experience love, beauty, peace, devotion and union with the Divine.

Chötrul Duchen's blessings to everyone! May all our good karma multiply so that all beings can be happy! & Happy Holi, 'Festival of Colour' to Indian friends! _/❤\_

Image is 1000 arm Chenrezig, Lord of Compassion, whose mantra is 'Om Mani Padme Hum' _/❤\_

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