Monday, 4 June 2012

Saka Dawa Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini ~> June 2012

Happy SakaDawa Duchen! May all beings be Happy! :))

Full Moon full moon lunar eclipse is a big day for Tibetan Buddhists, marking SAGA DAWA, the day we celebrate the birth, enlightenment and parinirvana of Sakyamuni Gothama Buddha ♥_/|\_ ૐ

This eclipse sees the Moon at 14 Sagittarius aligning with the ‘Great Attractor’, opening a portal for the mind-stream in truth to attract, imbibe and embody the sacred heart of the cosmos. For the meditator this is an optimum opportunity for impartial observation of all sensation (internal-external, yin-yang, sun-moon) harmonising earthly heart-mind with an illuminating awakened spirit.

Be extra attentive to the subtle body, with chakras and channels super sensitive during this opening of space time: Because of the dramatic changes taking place (within & without), eclipses can be an integral (and sometimes the backdoor) passage for spiritual evolution. On a relative level we often witness watersheds and transformational situations during eclipse season, especially if the degree of the eclipse constellates our own horoscope. Lunar eclipses tend to show results quicker than solar counterparts.

This is a Karma multiplied day (x 10 million during eclipse) ♥ = Breathe, be the LIGHT ~> be kind to self & others ~> In presence, living the LOVE ♥_/|\_ ૐ x

Lunar eclipse is at total conjunction at 11:11 UT (! :)), visible in the Far East & China.

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