Saturday, 5 May 2012

Vesek 2012 Buddha Purnima Beltane Full Moon

Get ready to touch base with magnificent and magnified shining Buddha nature, as the year’s biggest supermoon is on the rise! And in the radiant light of this brilliant Full Scorpio Moon, Buddhists across Asia also celebrate ‘Vesak’, or ‘Buddha Purnima’ as it is called in India, commemorating the birth, death and paranirvana of Shakyamuni Buddha.

When Lord Buddha was born 2500+ years ago, as the son of a King, an astrologer predicted Prince Gothama Siddhartha would achieve great powers: if Siddhartha followed a spiritual path, he would become an enlightened saint or, if he followed his regal father into the world of materialistic desire, he would be a renowned ruler. Either way, Buddha Shakyamuni was destined for greatness – such is the formidable command of the fixed and determined Taurus-Scorpio Sun-Moon alignment. Thankfully, after years of meditation and realising the true nature of reality, Buddha chose to leave the palace and walk the dharma path, to remind how our own enlightenment sparkles. No matter how much we obscure the innate spiritual treasure we are all born with, this particular sun-moon phase raises our vibration for the unconditional love-light to shine (which some in the west might call this soul-awareness Christ consciousness) that also helps one to appreciate the value of having the karma to be blessed with a precious human rebirth.

Full Moon is exact at 3:35 London on Sunday 6thMay; 9:05 Delhi; May 5th 23:35 New York, 8:35 LA ~> May your meditation, drum, dance & song during this powerful interaction between the Beltane Sun, Earth, and the Perigee Moon, lead to full realisation and heartfelt love _(♥)_

Planets in transit: technical astrospeak...
Practical Taurus Sun exemplifies a grounded spirit; opposite an alchemical Scorpio Moon, personal sensitivity is profoundly transformational. Both Sun and Moon now at 16 degrees also make good aspects to other planets. The Beltane fixed-earth Venus-ruled Taurus Sun next to auspicious Jupiter, and Earth Mother, Ceres (aka Demetre), indicates a potentially good harvest for all that has been metaphorically sown during the previous two weeks, from new moon to full.

As soon as La Luna is full, she begins to wane towards the new moon solar eclipse on May 20th at 0 Gemini. This will then mark another important lunation, as Venus in Gemini will also be in retrograde motion (think back 8 years to June 2004 to reconnect with this other incredibly rare 121-year occultation, a phenomena which occurs in pairs). This retrograde of the Love Goddess is perfect to tame the mind and restore self–love. 

Thank you Visual Alchemy for "The Warmth of My Embrace" & unknown artist of earth-heart

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