Tuesday, 29 May 2012

1st Quarter Moon in Virgo 2012 ~> Tara Moon

First quarter Moon May 28th = Medicine Buddha ~ Tara Moon ~> HEALING crisis in ACTION _(♥)_

Virgo Moon seeks perfection daily ♥ Conjunct dynamic Mars, Goddess Luna is the ideal mother and caretaker, actively protecting with practical logic and hands-on action; but in T-square to Gemini Mercury and opposition to Neptune, intuition rules and our emotional drive is towards spiritual realms, beyond limits of boundary-centred existence, in chaotically ordered fractal bliss.

♥ With only a week to go until SakaDawa, Full Sagittarius Moon on June 4th, the Tibetan festival of Buddha's birth, death and paranirvana _(♥)_ the awakening heart Venus transit to the Sun is only a day after, June 5/6 ♥

~> Spare a thought/prayer for all beings, nations, families and friends to enjoy heartfelt love & cordial relations, as well as for Earth herself with treasured flora and fauna; during this 1st Quarter Moon, Spirit Sun & communicating Mercury pick-up the very same Gemini degree at which Venus Goddess of LOVE goes forward at the end of June, applying Plato's dictum that 'Love is the pursuit of the Whole' _/♥\_ ૐ

Om Tara Tutara Ture Soha _/♥\_ ૐ

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