Monday, 18 April 2011

What about me? Five planets in Aries & Libra Moon

BEAUTIFUL Full Libra Moon on the rise opposite a fiery Aries Sun ~> exact Sunday night/Monday morning (17/18th 2:04gmt +1 for summertime).  This Aries-Libra illumination accents SELF CONSCIOUSNESS in BALANCE, and has seriously karmic overtones, as the Moon is with weighty golden Saturn, which you can see at the right hand side of the Moon.  And it is another SuperMoon - which means the interplay between Sun-Moon-Earth is once again strong.  The Sun in Aries has several planetary allies, with Mars, Mercury, Jupiter & Uranus stirring up unexpected action. The Moon is in an cooler Air sign, opposite all these exciting planets. One might even put the two elements together and note how a three-day storm sweeping across the southern states of the US, with multiple tornadoes ends just as the Moon entered Libra. 

A Moon in Libra accents the wonder of feminine beauty and deliciously intelligent wiles; to my mind be this Full Moon will be marked by a remark by HH the DL, who answered a question in Sweden (just as the Moon went into Libra) how there is a chance the next reincarnation of the Dalai Lama will be female. Of course, self-effacing precious Guru joked and giggled about how gorgeous she might be, so teaching the dharma would be easier for her! Everyone laughed at the idea (which isn’t as far-fetched as it sounds). But he has a point; it is the feminine side of life that continually suffers and, consequently, the right side of the brain and its’ associated activities: art, beauty, holistic understanding that has been ignored, feared, suppressed for so long that the only way to address the current imbalance would be to have a compassionate and loving Kwan Yin kind of figure who can demonstrate the power of (Libran) LOVE with the previous 14 lives fuelling wisdom and sensitivity. 

While that might be in the future (long-life prayer for HH here) this moon suggests that we take our time and Go LIGHTly, with LOVE ♥
 ...this too will pass... 

The Five planets in sunny Aries activating the playful as well as the impulsive ask 'what about ME?' , and are now opposite the sensitive Moon in relationship-orientated, thoughtful Libra who's asking 'what about YOU?' ((( ♥ ))) ~> The balance between ME and WE, so that everyone's needs are met, comes from the HEART being FREE ♥
So remember to be gentle with all (including self), as this Full Moon calls for clarity and harmonising of the intuitive AND rational mind ♥ As Sogyal Rinpoche always says " If you leave a glass of muddy water quite still, without moving it, the dirt will settle to the bottom, and the clarity of the water will shine through. In the same way, in meditation we allow our thoughts and emotions to settle naturally, and in a state of natural ease. "
The effects of this moon linger into the coming week, with Mars opposition Saturn, and Mercury retrograde coming to almost perfect an oppostion to Saturn; which basically rams home the message that rushing isn’t going to get us anywhere. But doing things for others will hopefully take the edge off feeling so desperate and, bizarrely, provide a stronger sense of conscious self…
thanks as always, with love to Bill Brouard and to the Image factory for fire goddess X

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