Wednesday, 5 August 2009

United in Love ♥☼♥ Leo Sun ~ Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius 09

According to the Tibetan tradition, during the 24 hours surrounding a lunar eclipse, karma and merit generated is magnified 70 million times. Imagine the feel-good factor Bill Clinton is incurring by returning home with the two young reporters imprisoned in North Korea. For tonight we witness the last of three eclipses in a row, which is the Full Moon, lunar and penumbral and vaguely visible over Europe and Africa. (Next is New Year’s Eve!)

Eclipses are always powerful and loaded with emotional intensity; cross-culturally associated with magical Dragons. In Tibet, Dragon signifies inscrutability, mystery, and the highest kind of principles that guide our fiery inner light – Spirit – to be fearless with compassion, courageous and open. In the west it is the heavenly ‘Ourobos’, the transformational tail-eating serpent representing the never-ending cycle of life, death and re-birth. With evolutionary Rahu at the head and Ketu at the tail, Tibet’s Dragon is also ‘Roarer of Thunderclouds’ and bearer of the glowing orb, the ‘wish-fulfilling gem’, symbolic of enlightenment.

At 1:55 am, (BST) the celestial dragon fertilises the pearl-like seed of potentiality, as the fiery and generous Leo Sun aligns with a coolly altruistic Aquarian Moon, both at 13.43 degrees. And although this eclipse is partial, potent energies assemble. Aquarius is also the sign of wishing: so best be conscious and careful of what we wish at this time. This is also a rather ‘yang’ eclipse, as both signs are masculine in nature, denoting wisdom in action, intuition working with the rational. Aquarius holds the head of the dragon (the north node), urging us towards a humanitarian future. The tail of the dragon (south node) is in Leo, encouraging us to come from the heart, to be loving and creative and confident of our individuality within the Aquarian collective, and discover personal strength in unity.

And as this Moon conjoins the triple Aquarian conjunction of Jupiter, Chiron and Neptune, the incentive to grow, mend, and let go of addiction, anger or blame is strong. In the body, Jupiter rules the liver, while Neptune is associated with toxicity, and Chiron the accidentally wounded healer. This association suggests that whatever we may have done in the past to ourselves, others, or even to the planet (through our own ignorance), now is the time wise-up, forgive and be generous, to move on with hearts free from destructive emotions, brimming with unconditional, compassionate love.

One last note, here in the Northern hemisphere we have the high summer fire festival ‘Lammas’, celebrating warmth, joy and the reaping of summer wheat harvest.

With that, I wish you all happiness. May your harvest be bountiful and may your own personal wish-fulfilling gem manifest.

Stay well and stay blessed,
With love and full moonlight,
Dragon Fractal using the Julia set ♥☼♥

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