Monday, 27 February 2017

☼✰··☾♡☽··✰☼ New Moon Pisces Solar Eclipse @14:58gmt ~>

☸ Losar ~ Tibetan New Year 2144 of the Red Firebird! ☸

Today’s New Moon Solar eclipse will see a magnificent ‘Ring of Fire’ over South Africa, with the potential for solar winds to make it rather spectacular, when we will be able to see the Sun’s all-illusive corona, high density plasma that holds the secrets of the Sun’s crowning glory. The Eclipse is in Pisces, the sign of the magical power of prayer, as well as collective confusion, and the compassion we generate within the mysteries.

·✰· When Sun and Moon unite in their orbits to form a total eclipse (Solar or Lunar) a massive amount of transformational celestial energy concentrates upon the degree concerned; in this case it is the 6-7-8-9-10-11° super-sensitive Pisces feeling the pull of oceanic and cosmic tidal change. This degree is also conjunct the Babylonian fixed Royal star Fomalhaut: a star which sometimes indicates dealing with difficult secrets and/or hanging out with the wrong crowd, as well as snake bites and squandered inheritance. Essentially Fomalhaut’s influence is to learn from and leave behind the negative and bring consciousness to the fore, dragging from the depths of the oblivion all kinds of insight into the light, and the inner and outer workings of the most subtle vibrations. It’s a star to watch very early on summer morning, with its spherical ‘fish’s eye’ hanging low in the sky. To my mind this star witnesses the embodied resonance of a collective soul - we are one - each with an actual body (relatively speaking) and corporeal soul. And this brings me to what I think the crux of this eclipse is about: how we collectively demonstrate loving kindness and compassion to all beings, as we all (eventually) become enlightened conduits for cosmic universal consciousness. 

Taking into account the fact that the mighty powerful Uranus-Pluto Square is now currently being reactivated, this then is no ordinary eclipse. It’s one, when looking at all the dramatic changes taking place, where we need to think in the long term. In the short-term, some situations happening now are directly and karmically connected to and/or even created by obstacles relating to 2012-13-14. BUT we mustn’t forget that the Uranus-Pluto cycle is a long one, approximately 125 years, and that where we are now is only the crisis ridden opening square; i.e. the first quarter of a longer cycle. Looking at this longer astrological cycle, it is also worth noting how an eclipse at this degree is also exactly opposite the feminist liberation and freedom loving conjunction of the mid-60’s, directly opposing that particular generational signature, (Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo). Those born around that time may really resonate with this eclipse and feel a strong need to purify and connect to the divine, and with a sense of urgency if one is live in the kind of 'Peace,Love & Equality' the 60’s offered.

That said, Pisces is the very last sign of the zodiac, and to realise a collective heaven on earth, endurance and serenity are always a boon. Now, however, we need to collectively heal our connection to the sacred feminine, our bodies, the Earth herself as well as the Divine. Please also note how this opposition to this most famous 60’s conjunction, which saw freedom in love and information on computers grow to where we are now, is actually going to be in 2046-48, and it will be encompassing the same degree we are looking at now, i.e. 5-6-7° Pisces. What does this tell us? It tells us that every time there is an eclipse at this degree (every 19ish years) there will be an important cosmic download from the universal matrix which we need to integrate into our lives in order to become spiritual and practical world servers. And as we soon leave this tense trans-personal Uranus-Pluto aspect behind (by the end of next year) we will continue to look at the issues of making personal and collective sacrifices, so that we can heal the planet and ourselves. 

·✰· But most exciting in the immediate is how a day after this New Moon begins the Tibetan New Year of the Red Fire Bird, Losar, which starts on Monday 27th Feb to celebrate a fortnight of miracles the Buddha displayed during his lifetime. These are considered karma multiplied days. Each miracle accumulates more and more merit to awaken the Bodhi-mind, the awakened heart-mind; and on the 15th Full Moon day (12th March 2017) the accumulation of merit is celebrated with the ‘Day of Miracles’, also called known as 'Chötrul Düchen', or ‘The Great Prayer Festival’. 

With that, I wish you all a very happy ‘Losar Tashi Delek’!
Light blessings and love _/\_ from Laura
·✰· A New Moon is also a time of setting intentions. As always, our intention (here at Dharma Stars ) is to raise the cosmic love vibration with sincerity and a kind heart, especially when faced with difficulty and uncertainty, and to keep the faith!.
·✰· Geomagnetic storms are also forecast for the next few days, bringing beautiful Auroras to Mother’s Earth poles. As her natural Sushumna glows with healing LoveLight, so can ours. _/\_
Many thanks to unknown artist for Firebird _/\_

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