Friday, 6 May 2016

☆ •°*☾ ◯ ☽ *°•.☆ SakaDawa Lunation 6th May 2016

☆ Dominating the start of the month of ‘Saka Dawa’, a New SuperMoon at 17 Taurus (@19:29UT) consolidates the ‘Grand Earth Trine’ in operation until June 7th, to help one blossom and grow in so many beautiful ways. For one whole month, while 5 planets go loop-d-loop, it is the stabilizing Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn that provide the astral impetus to steady our nerves, stance and gaze and help maintain focus upon all that sustains and nourishes land, body and soul in a very real way. Note how the effects of this new moon are strong, and accumulative.
☆ This being one of the most special Buddhist months, when karma is multiplied, the Himalayan festival of ‘SakaDawa’ is also called ‘Wesak’ in Asia, celebrating Gothama Siddhartha Buddha's birth, enlightenment and paranirvana. In Tibetan astrology, Saka means ‘Star’ and ‘Dawa’ means Moon.
☆ Whichever star/planet is with the Moon at the Full Moon on the 22nd will influence the outcome of the culmination. This month two 'stars', i.e. planets, shine brightly in the midnight sky. One is sacred cosmic Guru Jupiter, now slowing down to go forward again (on the 9th (same day as Mercury transit)), bestowing good fortune in the realms of details, healing and/or women's issues.The planet really to watch, however, is red planet Mars, as it remains retrograde until the end of June. A retrograde Mars is restless: chomping at the bit in Sagittarius, sign of expansion and spirituality, academia and legalities, scarlet Mars seeks truth and freedom. Answers to particularly tricky and hidden issues require patience, and may take until the end of June to become apparent. (Remember this is a general guide, and one would need to check individual scopes for the Mars retrograde impact from 9 Sag-22 Scorpio.)
☆ All in all, this lunation incites powerful transformation (in relationship as well as within one’s mind), at the same time offering the conservation of helpful resources. Welcome and rejoice in any realization during this coming two week period, between now and Full SakaDawa Moon, as light grows (in the Northern Hemisphere) to illuminate how we act, especially when faced with might and courage, truth and liberation. Giving the last thought to Sogyal Rinpoche who says 'speed is agression' we need to bare in mind how anger eliminates karmic merit in an instant. Best therefore to remain practical and cautious if/when dealing with hot-heads and seemingly burning issues.
☆ With ℒℴѵℯ _/✿\_ 🌹 & thanks to Jetter Green for cosmic artwok EarthStar

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