Monday, 21 December 2015

Solstice 2015 ☼ Xmas 11:11 Full Moon

In the Tibetan tradition today is Guru Rinpoche day; when Sun & Moon now make the best possible aspect for generating changes in one’s life to implement compassion in action. This also means its only five days until Friday’s Full Christmas Moon 11:11UT! 

☼ And Solstice is tomorrow night/Tuesday morning, 4:48UT on the 21st22nd. For the next three-month winter period 2015-2016, Sols' ingress into Capricorn accents a glorious grand trine between an exalted Taurus Moon and the Cosmic Guru (Padmasambhava!) in Virgo, the sign of the sacred feminine; restoration comes by transforming the mind and valuing intuitive wisdom. 

☼ As nature is drawing back (in the north), take time to rest and relax and build support for the dark winter months ahead (+ Merc retro early Jan); we, too, need to focus upon what's important: our roots, loves, work and families, our health and happiness. Solstice-Yule is a Fire festival to honor our Earthly (body) connection to the live-giving Sun (Spirit), which is soon to be reborn - and the days will be getting longer. But still energy can be low now, even with a growing moon. Please do make sure to spend time over the holidays healing in the all-inspiring bio-sphere called ‘the great outdoors’ to revitalize.

Over the past few days the sky has been manifesting luminous pearly shimmering in the arctic, with electric blue clouds over the antarctic: and CME’s (Coronal Mass Ejections) from the Sun are currently hurling towards planet Earth, carrying highly-charged electromagnetic plasma and protons that buzz up the cosmic vibration, which then manifest as winds upon our oceans: emotions, thoughts, actions all in a dynamic and active healing flow. The affects through (Earth’s) sushumna and subtle body can be to positively activate the incoming galactic stream of mindfulness and a powerful healing. Today’s Guru Rinpoche therefore suggests positive action, along with that small thing about a total transformation of the way we understand life, death and universe. 

Merry Yule & a very blessed Guru Rinpoche Solstice to all! _/\_ with love and best wishes...
& thanks to unknown artist for Padmasambhava & to for the photo.

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