Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Full Gemini Moon & the Saturn/Neptune square November 2016

☆ •°*☾ “With the light of wisdom we leave behind the forest of confusion. With determination we learn, reflect and practice” – Thich Nhat Hanh _/\_ ☽ *°•.☆

24-25-26th November 2015
☆ Spirit Sun now shines that light of wisdom, alongside responsible Saturn, and informative Mercury, all in the sign of the archer. This authoritative Sagittarian trio points the way of higher truths, both relative, in the here and now, and ultimate, in that we are all one, unifying wisdom and compassion, emptiness and bliss. 
☆ On the relative truth level, however, optimism and clarity may be in short supply and harsh reality may be tougher than we’d like. Thus, it is most important to take personal responsibility to practice generating warmth and goodness at the heart and keep hope alive. Certainly the Sun/Saturn/Mercury opposing a full Moon at 3Gemini (22:44gmt, Wednesday 25th) accent the need to consider and appreciate the difference between knowledge and experience, beliefs and reality; however abstract or different ideas may seem, remain cheerful and invite luck (i.e. good timing) into life, which is easier to recognise and apply when happy.

☆Due to a potentially over-reaching hard-line Saturn squaring-up to illusory Neptune, this is not an easy conjunction of planets. Neptune is also the generational gauge of dreams and fashion, mystical and psychic sensitivity (which is currently set to phantasmagorical ;) ).

☆☆ Astro Note: this is a closing Saturn/Neptune square, of a 36-ish-year cycle; one that began in 1989/90 with an era of (spiritual) initiation that removed and dissolved traditional boundaries. These two planets now mark a (collective) crisis in consciousness.Our reactions to current circumstances carry serious and lasting karmic consequence, having the seal of TimeLord Saturn, and the potential for defining moments for personal and professional accomplishments. All the while a full Gemini Moon reflects how austerity, fear and doubt make it doubly hard to tame a monkey mind that yearns for a distraction from the suffering. At the same time Saturn/Neptune show how the practice of mindfulness enables one to unhook from any addiction (particularly to fear, so that phobias can be kept at bay). All we have to do is access and practice tuning into the universal wisdom mind (which resides in the heart) and hear what it says i.e. ask yourself if you can believe all you hear/read/see? Whatever you perceive, remember that compassion for all beings, as well as one’s self, is the way the sage grows wise and remains true to his or her personal goodness, the authentic self: one who is generous and kind even when/if faced with confusing or conflicting situations. _/\_

☆ •°*☾ ◯☽ *°•.☆
With love & thanks to unknown artist for Purple Buddha _/\_ <3

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