Sunday, 14 December 2014


15th December ~> Last Quarter Virgo Moon square Sagittarius Sun

☼ ☾ With today’s lunar emphasis upon the healing qualities of the Divine Feminine, honouring the Great Mother liberator can free us from fear and protect from suffering. All the while, the generous Sagittarian Sun inspires one to remain confident and optimistic, to know that rainbows and miracles do happen, and to encourage an open mind as the means to a kind and open heart. 

♅⚥ ♇ Tomorrow, the 16th, sees the 6th of 7 exact squares between generational planets Uranus and Pluto, accenting a particularly long struggle for freedom within this powerful period of collective transformation.  This configuration which began 2012, demands the kind of change where altruism and lucidity can flourish, where all beings are nurtured with an awareness of their authentic presence.

The Sacred Goddess (within) protects from having the wrong view during challenging times, helping to retain a balanced mind that frees from harmful negative emotions.  And as we turn towards Solstice with a New Capricorn Moon on the 22nd, when the New Light King is born (in the Northern Hemisphere), it is the unconditional love of the glorious Goddess who prepares to act and tender compassionate healing, even in our darkest hours. So follow Tara's lead and take care of yourself and others as a mother would a child, and enjoy the blessings from the great Goddess.

_/♥\_ Artwork by Lasha Mutual, with thanks _/♥\_ & explanation of Green Tara’s position from “in a posture of ease and readiness for action. While her left leg is folded in the contemplative position, her right leg is outstretched, ready to spring into action. Green Tara’s left hand is in the refuge-granting mudra (gesture); her right hand makes the boon-granting [giving] gesture. In her hands she also holds closed blue lotuses (utpalas), which symbolize purity and power.”

Tara’s Mantra “om tare tuttare ture soha”… _/♥\__/♥\__/♥\_

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