Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Jupiter Trine Uranus ~> Sept 2nd ❤ A visionary healing Buddha Moon

September 2nd ~> _/\_ Today’s Medicine Buddha sees the Last Quarter Moon in forward-thinking Sagittarius, squaring up to Spirit Sun in earthy, healing Virgo. This mutable combination of Lights indicates change through helpful action; as the Divine Virgo Goddess is in service with the generous Centaur Sage, a myriad of practical (but possibly unfamiliar) solutions are available right now; whatever the issue, be it mental, physical or spiritual, the Moon in Sagittarius challenges one to open the mind and see the bigger, more magical picture at play. There is every reason to remain optimistic at this moment: remedies applied now have the potential to quickly alleviate and show positive results. ॐ_/\_

Medicine Buddha mantra “Tayatha Om Bekanze Bekanze Mahabekanze Rasa Sammut Gate Soha” ~> “Hail the King of Healing, the Great Healer, let the healing begin! Let it be so!” ॐ_/

“Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you truly love.” Rumi

This fiery Sagittarian Medicine Buddha Moon also connects to an extremely promising astral aspect shaping up in the heavens between optimistic Jupiter (the Sagittarian Centaur’s ruler) in sunny confident Leo, and radical Uranus, rousing action-orientated Aries: Together, these three now illuminate an inspiring ‘Grand Fire Trine’. Fire in the Tibetan Tantra represents wisdom, spiritual as well as intellectual.

This all-consuming, dynamic and magnetic Fire Trine between expansive Jupiter and brilliant Uranus accents a broad, clear vision, creativity and transformation. Note this innovative and dynamic configuration is set to last for the next 9 months; which means that every month, when the sensitive Moon is in philosophical Sagittarius, a creative spark of powerful yang can combust the dross and liberate ego. At its most fundamental, this particular trine cultivates an awareness of what makes our heart sing. With the first exact aspect between Jupiter and Uranus just after equinox, 25th September, this exciting fiery vitality carries welcome hope and cheer that resonates all the way until Summer Solstice 2015.

Due to the position of the Moon in Sagittarius today, we're getting the initial glimpses of this potentially liberating aspect. Look at the 15-20 degrees Fire signs Leo and Aries (as well as Cardinal signs) in your scope and see where and how you are awakening with a warm and passionate, glowing heart. ॐ_/

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